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My advice is to consult an orthodontist ~ in many cases an open bite can be corrected with braces, in more severe cases orthognathic surgery may be needed (which is not as bad as it sounds, it is virtually painless and a common procedure). I recommend searching online for support groups if surgery is the diagnosis; you'll be able to have all your questions and concerns answered there. Yahoo has some excellent groups.

In any case, it's important to wear your retainer as specified after your braces come off, otherwise your teeth will most likely go back to their original postition. , and good luck!

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Do you need braces if your front top teeth overalap your bottom but your bottom middle teeth stick out too?

yeah you do. i need them and my teeth do that, you need braces to fix all that.

When you get braces for your 6 front teeth will your back teeth move too?

No not unless you have braces or some other appliance moving your bottom teeth.

A crown at the front of your tooth but want braces for your front teeth and bottom can you get braces done if you have a crown?

My two front teeth were crowned when I was 10 years old. Replacement caps were done at 20 and 40 years of age. I had braces from age 13 to 16, didn't wear retainer, got braces again at 25, didn't wear retainer, got invisalign at 50 years of age. I'm wearing the retainer. Your teeth will always return to their natural configuration without a retainer. Caps will not affect if or what type of braces you may choose.

You are taking several medications and you noticed the bottom of your front teeth are getting rough fast?

I think my front bottom teeth may suddenly be deteriorating ..I have been taking vytorin and nexium for 3 months

Can you get braces if you have missing teeth?

If you have several missing teeth in the front of your mouth, then it is NOT advised to do so! This is only because your teeth will be aligned and there will be no room for the new tooth to grow. It is better to have all your teeth grown back, then started; I doubt the orthodontist would put braces on if you had missig teeth. ~I have braces with chains and rubber bands~

Does Zac Efron with braces?

For a time, he wore removable braces to help close the gap between his upper front teeth.

Can you move your front teeth?

Braces can be used to move teeth.

How do you know when you need braces?

You usually know when you need braces if you have a noticeable overbite, if your front teeth touch your lips when naturally closing your mouth, or if your orthodontist says you need braces.

Can you get braces if you have a filling in front tooth?

Yes, you can definitely get braces with a filling in one of you're front teeth. I would know. I had a full grown tooth that got knocked out of my mouth. A kid was trying to hit a balloon but hit me in the jaw instead. I have braces now. Just be careful it doesn't break with the braces on! Hope I was helpful! :)

Do people get to choose what color braces they want?

I think you can choose what color bands you want, for the front of your braces. Though the braces themselves are just silver, or metal-colored I guess. I really am not sure, since I have never had braces, but my friends have had them.

If my bottom front teeth are too crowded can the dentist pull one out and leave only three and put braces to push them together or is it odd to have only three middle bottom teeth?

Your best option is to discuss this with a qualified orthodontist. Removing teeth is fairly common in orthodontic treatment, however, it usually involves removing a tooth or teeth further back in the mouth and then spreading out the front teeth with braces to close that gap. This way your normal appearance is preserved.

Is it abnormal to have a front tooth that is pushed back?

No it is not abnormal, braces can help.

If you have a gap in your two front teeth does that mean that you need braces?

Well, You are most likely to get braces if you have a gap in your two front teeth and you would need a full set of braces ! But the good thing is that when your sixteen your teeth will be nice and straight with no gaps! This is because having the braces in for two years really makes a good difference! I am getting a full set of braces in a few weeks , not just because my front two teeth have a gap in them but also to straighten my teeth! Don't worry and let the dentists do their job. :)

Can you get braces just for front teeth?

yes in some minor cases it is possible to have fixed brackets on the front teeth

Can bunnies get braces?

No. Their front teeth grows continuously so it wouldn't work.

If your braces are off but your front teeth are too long what can you do?

You should go to a dentist and tell him or her that you need your front teeth filled.

How do you know if you need braces?

There are many ways to tell if you need braces. First of all there are different types of "bites" you could have The most common is the over, when your front teeth protrude too far. Second is an underbite, which is when your bottom teeth cover your top teeth. Third is called an open bite which occurs when you have space between you bottom and top teeth when you smile. The most common reason for one to need braces is if they have excess spacing between their teeth. Another reason is if your teeth are "misaligned". Your teeth are "misaligned" when the space between your top teeth is not perfectly aligned with the space of your bottom teeth. One of the last reasons is when your teeth are crowed, which simply means you don't have enough room in your mouth for your teeth! This is fixed one of two ways, braces or getting your teeth pulled most likely followed by braces.

Can you play a flute with a front gap in your teeth?

Of course! In fact I did for about three years. But if you do have a gap in your teeth I suggest seeing the orthodontist. If you do happen to get braces you must mention to your orthodontic that you play a wind instrument. A common type of braces for people who play a wind instrument are called lingual braces. Instead of being glued to the front of your teeth lingual braces are glued to the back, they are a great solution for musicians, however they do cost much more than regular metal braces.

Do all teeth get braced during braces?

No. If you only have a problem with your top teeth, only your top will get braces. Sometimes the ortodontist doesn't put braces on the back teeth until later. Sometimes, although this doesn't happen much, the braces will only be placed on the front four teeth.

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