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If it's causing you concern, you should see a doctor.

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What is the phobia of getting your weight checked?

The fear of getting your weight checked is called Pocrescophobia.

Why is there so little skin in between your navel piercing?

That will depend. If it was recently pierced, then that may be because the swelling has gone down. But if you've noticed the skin getting thinner and thinner, it may be that your piercing is migration, which means that as it heals, the body is pushing it outwards. In that case you may need to have it checked to prevent it going on until the piercing falls out.

Is it right to say recently the weather was getting better?

Recently the weather has been getting better

Is swelling on the wrist normal after getting a tattoo?

hell no

Is it a sign of pregnancy if you never get headaches but have recently been getting very bad ones?

it could be, but it could also be a sign of stress or any number of other things, go and see your doctor to get checked out.

Why are your dogs nipples swelling?

that means it is getting ready to go into heat

How do people find out if their eyesight is good or not?

You can now by getting them checked.

How do you stop bleeding behind the eye?

By going to the doctor and getting it checked out

What should be done to reduce swelling on the eye due to falling getting bumped?

get a bag of frozen food peas,sprouts and hold to swollen area to kep swelling down.

How long is your tongue swolen after getting it pierced?

About two weeks, the swelling goes down every day but on average the swelling is down quite a bit by two weeks time.

Your son has had a fall and banged his shoulder and his arm now hes getting pins and needles?

There are 2 different things that could be happening if your son is feeling pins and needles after hitting his shoulder. He could have a dislocated shoulder or he may have a pinched nerve in his shoulder or neck.

How much does a shoulder tattoo cost?

The price of shoulder tattoo will vary depending on what tattoo shop they are getting the tattoo at. The size will also affect the price.

Can you give a sentence using the idiom give a cold shoulder?

Here are some sentences.She gave him the cold shoulder after she heard what he said about her.Since he was only a mechanic, the actor gave him the cold shoulder.

Why is bump getting bigger and swelling after injury occurred 8 months ago?

bump on head

What are the risks of getting mmr?

Common risks associated with vaccines such as swelling, fever and irritation. But NOT AUTISM.

Does your belly button stay swollen for a month after getting it pierced?

Swelling might be a sign of infection

How long does swelling last after getting eyebrow pierced?

it will take about 8 weeks. _ Sarah Brewer

Wireless mouse not working?

I would recommend it getting checked out by where you got the mouse from ^^

What to expect when landing in Portland with a gun in my checked bag?

Probibly getting arrested

Are mariah and nick cannon getting divorce?

No, they are not getting a divorce. They recently renewed their vows and have a baby on the way.

Can you drink coffee after getting your lip pierced?

No. Caffeine is a blood thinner so it increase swelling and bleeding. Heat is fine for piercings. Warm water soaks actually help decrease swelling.

How do you make the swelling go down after getting your lip piereced?

i have never had my lip pierced, but my friend did and it swelled up, so she put ice on it and the swelling went down. try it. i hope it works for you.

Should you be scared to get checked for chlamydia?

Getting checked for chlamydia is as easy as putting a urine sample in a cup. It's better to know your status; get yourself tested.

You are getting swollen breasts at ovulation is this normal?

Swelling and tenderness of the breasts around ovulation time can be normal.

Is it normal to have swelling on one side after getting all your wisdom teeth removed?

Yes, dont worry.