If you have implantation bleeding around the time of your period will you have stomach pains as if it was your period?

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With my first pregnancy I just had the implantation bleeding, no cramping, I felt wonderful. With my second pregnancy I had awful period like cramps. I didn't think I could be pregnant because it felt like my period was coming.
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Can implantation bleeding be almost as heavy as a normal period?

Implantation bleeding can be heavy, sometimes it is mistaken foran early period, but more commonly implantation bleeding is veryslight. No, it's not heavy. It's nothing like a period. It is a tiny bit ofblood which can be stringy/thick. It can last from 1-3 days, andthe color can be brown/pink/red. ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between implantation bleeding and your period?

Implantation bleeding is only a few spots of blood, nothing like a period.. There's no flow to Implantation bleeding and it just spots of blood which I've had mine was stringy pink blood in discharge. Implantation blood can be brown/pink/red . Days from 1-3 that's how long it can last for 1-3 days ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a period and implantation bleeding?

Answer . Hi,\n. \n . Period: - A period is a normal period, normal flow for you around the time you expect your period to arrive. You can not be pregnant and have a normal period. A period signifies that no egg has been fertilised and the egg breaks down and causes the period. \n . \n . Imp ( Full Answer )

8 weeks pregnant but have had really bad pains - like period pain - you are not bleeding but you are worried you have had a miscarriage Should you be worried about the stomach pains?

8 weeks pregnant with pain . Any bad pains during pregnancy are cause for concern - especially this early on. Contact your doctor, medi-center or emergency room immediately. Answer Hi I have heard that in early pregnancy you get period pains and It is OK they shouldn't be really bad one's ( Full Answer )

Can implantation bleeding be confused with your period?

Answer . Hi,\n. \nYes implantation bleeding is regularly confused with a light period. However implantation bleeding will not be heavy normal like period bleeding, it will simply be a light period lasting 48-72 hours or spotting of blood in your underwear. This bleeding always occurs 6-12 days ( Full Answer )

Why do female get stomach pain at the time of menstrual periods?

Between the hormone surge and the shedding of the endometrium, the lining, the back and stomach pain and bloating are from the uterus cramping to shed the lining. best controlled with a heating pad and either Tylenol or ibprofen. do not use aspirin as it will increase the bleeding. good luck, joymak ( Full Answer )

What if you get Implantation bleeding but get a period which came early 2 weeks after you got implantation bleeding?

If you get your period I do not believe it could have been implantation bleeding. You cannot get a period when you are pregnant. Any bleeding that you could have gotten would be implantation bleeding, which isn't very common, and you would not have gotten your period afterwards. No the above answ ( Full Answer )

Period or implantation bleeding?

So I had protected sex twice before this recent period. I was on time, started off one day with brown discharge, next day had a heavy blood flow and random blood clots then pretty much nothing the next day. I usually have a regular blood flow for 3days then it lighten up and I rarely start off with ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to have implantation bleeding after your period is finished?

My boyfriend and i have been having unprotected sex for a couple of weeks now. My boyfriend tells me that before her cums he pulls out (but still if im pregnant it can be because of pre cum) anyways i had a period and looking back to my period it was strange it wasnt a normal flow. After my period w ( Full Answer )

Can you get your period and then implantation bleeding and be pregnant?

Answer . Yes, especially if you are having short cycles. By implantation bleeding, I'm thinking you mean implantation of a fertilized egg in the lining of the uterus. In any case, any time you have unprotected sex you run the risk of becoming pregnant.

What is the difference between periods and implantation bleeding?

Implantation bleeding normally occurs 2-3 days before your normal period is due, presents as slight blood spotting on the panties and is gone after a day. No need for regular menstrual protection such as pads or tampons. A period however will traditionally last between 3-7 days and blood loss will b ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between implantation bleeding and Period bleeding?

implanation bleeding is a lot lighter, than you regular period, and usually has little to no clotting, the bleeding will be shorter and will be a pinkier or a brownish color, but if you are stressed out about pregnancy you could be having your period and it might just be screwed up or something, so ( Full Answer )

You are three weeks pregnant bleeding around your period time?

If you are three weeks pregnant and are experiencing period like bleeding, it most likely means that you are having a miscarriage. If you are having a period and had sex around the time you were fertile, it may mean that a fertilised egg did not implant properly and is coming out in your period. It ( Full Answer )

If you had unprotected sex several times during your period and it appears that you might be starting your period early could it be implantation bleeding?

Implantation bleeding can occur anywhere from just days to weeks and last from days to weeks after fertilization. Fertilization can still happen up to 72 hours post-sex. So, in theory, yes this could be implantation bleeding. Having unprotected sex (especially many times over) is a good way to be ( Full Answer )

You have got pains like period pains but you know you ovulated this month and you had implantation bleeding last week could you be pregnant?

If you had implantation bleeding then that means you are pregnant. Implantation bleeding is a result of the fertilized egg implanting itself into the uterine wall. Your symptoms of pregnancy will usually appear anywhere from the first week of your expected period to 1-2 weeks after your first week o ( Full Answer )

Implantation bleeding or 4 days early for period?

This could definetly be implantation bleeding if unprotected sex has taking place 10 -14 days before. Implantation bleeding should be much different to a period its alot lighter and only lasts a few hours. If its just like a normal period clotty and dark red then its likely to be an early period exp ( Full Answer )

Can you have implantation bleeding the day your period ends?

This form of bleeding takes place six to twelve days after ovulation. ( A females ovulation generally takes place 14 days before her period). There will not be a large amount of blood, some women may not even notice any. Implantation bleeding only lasts a couple of days, this is the way to compare ( Full Answer )

Is it implantation bleeding if you spotted very lightly around the time your period was due and it never got heavier?

Absolutely. Many women think it is their period because all of the period signs are the same. I just found out I was pregnant after 2-3 days of dark brown- light spotting. I had terrible cramps and thought something was wrong with me. I took 4 pregnancy tests at different times and all negetive. Tod ( Full Answer )

Can an implantation bleed occur a week after you have your period?

Implantation bleeding is the result of the fertilized egg(s) implanting itself into the uttering lining which results in bleeding and occasionally abdominal cramping. This form of bleeding takes place six to twelve days after ovulation. ( A females ovulation generally takes place 14 days before he ( Full Answer )

Implantation bleeding on the same day of the period?

Yes-- it's possible. It happened to me. If you ovulated 6-12 days before your period was due and the egg was fertilized, you could have implantation (and bleeding) on the day of your period!

Why stomach pains during period?

there are muscles in your uterus.. which makes you have cramps ... excercising would be good.. it depends on you.. but dont worry.. most girls dont complain having cramps.. and also.. a period is basically when you shed tissues in your organ.. nothing to worry about....

Can implantation bleeding happen immediately after your period?

I have done enough research, doctor interviews and have enough common since to come up with the following....no.The reason behind it is implantation is the act of your fertilized egg implanting itself in your uterine wall. It takes time to develop and flow through your tubes I would have to say no.

Period pains but no bleeding?

An i had my last period on the 20th June 2010 an I'm already a month late i took a pregnancy test an came back negative i am 21 an been with my fiance for 4 years an been doing it with out protection an never been pregnant before to him i think i might be pregnant but the tests keep coming back nega ( Full Answer )

Can a period be mistaken for implantation bleeding?

Yes. This happened to me. I thought I was having a lighter, longer period which lasted a whole week. I didn't find out until my period was due the following month that I was pregnant. I thought I was four weeks pregnant. Several weeks later during an ultrasound I was informed that I was four weeks f ( Full Answer )

Can implantation bleeding look like a regular period?

I am waiting to go to the doctor to confirm how far along I am. I know I'm pregnant but I did a test over a month ago and it was negative, plus I had what seemed like a period but apparently I am at least 6 weeks. I believe that you can get pregnant and still have an actual period for 1 or 2 months. ( Full Answer )

Can you have implantation bleeding then get your period?

If you have implantation bleeding, and then bleed again shortlyafterwards then you may have had a very early miscarriage. Spottingis common in early pregnancy, but heavy bleeding is something a Drshould look into. Some women report regular cycle bleeding (that isnot a period because no ovulation occ ( Full Answer )

Is it a period or heavy implantation bleeding?

...that depends a lot on day of conception(not neccassarily sex, but conception can be between the day of sex and three days after). If its around 5 days after conception then it could very possibly be. Implantation bleeding. Although implantation bleeding is usually light and spotty. Some women do ( Full Answer )

Can you have implantation bleeding during period time When can I take a test Do i need to wait to miss my next period?

Usually a implantation bleed will happen just after ovulation so mid cycle, it will depend if you ovulated later then usual, some women can test a couple days early to when they would be due but I highly recommended that you you restrain from doing that as you may get a false negative wait till the ( Full Answer )

Can some implantation bleeding look like you having your period?

It depends. Its generally a little lighter and a lot shorter. if you typically only have light periods for about 3 days then it could look similar. Implantation bleeding shouldn't last more than a few days around the time ovulation would normally take place and it can be either red or brown. Every w ( Full Answer )