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I really can't think of anything that would cause itchy armpits other than crabs - but if you had crabs, the other hairy parts of your body would be itching too. I also cannot think of an STD that would cause acne on your back. If you're a young person and going through puberty - then don't worry, the acne could be caused by that. The itchy armpits could just be an allergic reation to deodorant - try switching brands. Yes!!! Really if ur armpits itch all day like mine did at first then change deoderant as soon as possible!!

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โˆ™ 2008-09-26 21:05:18
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Q: If you have itching armpits and suddenly broke out in acne on your back could you have an STD?
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Why are your armpits black?

Black armpits could be a sign of over-pigmentation of the skin. It could also be because of shaving if you have dark hair.

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it matters where your itching at and you could have poison ivy

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Bumps in your armpits may be from a variety of causes. It could be swollen lymph nodes. They may also be caused by razor burn from shaving.

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Yes, everyone should have hair in their armpits. To remove it, shaving is most common, but some people wax. Be careful not to shave too often because you could get razor burn. Yes, it is perfectly normal for a girl to have hair in her armpits.

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You could have itching after chlamydia treatment because you have another infection, such as yeast or trichomoniasis. Or you could be continuing to recover from the infection. Also, you could have some other skin condition that's causing itching. Contact your health care provider for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

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Are tiny itching bumps on lips allergic reactions?

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Itching and burning in the genital areas could mean an infection. It would be best to seek medical attention in this case.

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