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The other parent could get sole custody.

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Q: If you have joint custody and are in the middle of a court battle to move out of state what happens if you move before there is a ruling or consent?
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Can you get out from foster care if you want?

Not if you are under 18. Just like your parents had custody of you the state now have custody of you. So when you needed parental consent you now need the state's consent for moving before 18 for instance.

My Grandparents have physical custody and shared custody with mother only Can you get married before 18 years of age without their written consent?

Adding to the question it is in the commonwealth of virginia.

Can a father get custody back if he gave up on custody previously?

No Because when you give up custody you cant get it back Trust me my moms a lawyer and she gone through a custody battle before So i know what im talkin about

Can you leave the state with your child if you are unmarried to the father?

If the father has custody of the child, he must consent to your leaving before you can legally take the child with you.

What if the mother leaves the state with child?

A mother who has sole custody of a child may leave the state with the child. If the mother shares custody, she has to have consent for the other parent or the court before leaving the state with the child.

Can you sign over custody of an unborn child to a friend without your husband's consent in Missouri?

No. The child has to be born before released for adoption. The father must consent because he has parental rights that are equal to the mother's.

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Can you move out of town before or during a custody battle Would the custody battle go through the courts in your old town or new town or town your child was born in?

It would go through the court system in which the action was originally filed.

What happens if you are Patience for child custody and the parents don't show?

the judge might sighn for another date or give full custody to the parent that showed up it happened to my mom before when she didnt show up and my dad got full custody of me

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Can the mother move out of the state of NC and file for sole custody?

The mother should file for sole custody before attempting such a move and even if it is granted, permission should be obtained from the court beforehand. Otherwise, the mother could find herself in the midst of a protracted and expensive custody battle.

If a mom has full custody of her child then with her consent can her 15-year-old date a 19-year-old?

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