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Yes. Joint legal custody means that both parents have the right to make decisions in regards to their child's educational, medical,and religious needs. The parents are to agree mutually in regards to all the above and if decisions can not be made the courts may need to become involved (by either party stating their reason why a change should or should not be made in regards to issue at hand).

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Q: If you have joint legal custody do you need the other parent's permission to move children from one daycare center to another?
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Can a non-custodial parent -this is sole legal and physical custody- sign school permission slips and authorization for medical treatment at a daycare and what are the avenues to prevent this?

no, non- custodial parent cannot, take the custody order to school, daycare, and hospital,

Is there a way to send Sims toddlers to preschool?

No. You can only run a daycare in the Sims; you cannot drop your children off at another daycare.

Is it legal for a step parent to pick up a child from daycare on non custodial days of their spouse without permission from the other parent?

The answer can vary depending on the state. If it is a non custodial day, but the parent that had custody that asked them to, and they are on the daycare's pick up list, it should be fine. If the parent that had custody that day did not give prior permission, or make the request of the step parent, it could potentially be interfering with child custody. The rules of child custody can vary a lot, not only per state, but also per case. A lot can come down to who your judge is. Your best bet is to contact your family attorney, and fill him or her in on everything that happened.

If there is no court order for custody the mother has been main caregiver for the life of child the father removes the child from daycare without the mothers permission How can he be returned quickly?

Step one would be to get a court order for custody. Until there is one, the father isn't actually breaking any laws.

Which are the main requirements to be cnsiderd to start a house of children?

If you are wanting to start a children's daycare in your home, there are a few requirements to consider. Firstly, you will need to obtain the proper licensing and insurance in order to be granted permission.

How many children can you have in a daycare center without a license?

According to a daycare worker, you can have 5 children older than 2 in a daycare without a license. For babies, it's 3.

Do you need a daycare license to have a daycare in your home?

No you do not have to have one if you have 5 children or less in most states

Are children abused more often in a daycare center or an in home daycare?

home daycare doesn't hold as many laws as a public one...

On average how much does a daycare owner make?

it depends upon how big the daycare is and how many children go there

What percentage of children in America go to daycare?


Should daycare center children wear uniform?


What age can a teen do daycare?

It depends on the daycare what the minimum age is. Some daycares hire teachers helpers at sixteen. Also, private daycare is up to the parents of the children placing their kids in daycare.

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