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The bank should still have your information on file no matter how many times it changes ownership. Just go there and ask for your account number (or whatever info you need). Be sure to have your driver's license or ID card on you.


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If she was not on the account the bank should not have done any of this in the first place. You should check with your bank and as well as speak with a lawyer to see where you go from here. See the Bank Manager about them getting the money back from her and sue the bank! She had no right to change anything about the account if her name was not on it.

No. Actually there is no rule stopping a third party from depositing money into a check account but, for doing that, the third party must know the account number into which they wish to deposit the cash. So without knowing your bank account number, nobody can deposit any money into it.

You can put money into anyone's account. You just fill out a deposit slip with their account number on it and give it to the bank along with the money.

Resubmit. The money will be removed from the incorrect account by the government and replaced into the correct account.

Sure. Most banks do not have any restrictions on who can deposit money into a customers bank account. Even if I want, I can deposit money into your checking account. All I need is to know your full name and your bank account number. So, your grand daughter can easily know your name and account number and she can happily deposit money into your account.

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If you are getting money from the ATM age requirement is based on if you can followed the directions given. If you go inside you have to be 18 to have an account and you have to be on the account to withdraw money.

No, people cannot take money from your account using only your account number and routing number - that information exists on every check that you write, so anyone to whom you send a check would then have unlimited access to your account if that was all it took. If, however, you have given someone a signed form allowing pre-authorized withdrawals (for bill payment purposes) then they can take money from your account using only the account number and routing number.

The currency is usually changed from the location at which the given individual receives it.

* Have your banking institution create an account for the mother and just deposit the money in there. Make sure the mother has the account number so she can draw the money out.

Money orders don't have a/c no. According to me


The names on the account are irrelevant. If you've given them the account number, the school will take the money from the account - whether you're the primary name or not..

How to check my account number? I have my atm card number

You can transfer money from one SBI account to another SBI account via ATM, mobile phone or Internet. You will need to know the bank account number that you wish to transfer money to.

The money gets transferred to the account number you mentioned. That is what happens.

You can transfer money from your fhb gold credit card budget straight to your bank account by initiating a wire transfer. It will take several hours, and you will need the routing number and account number handy.

Absolutely - all they need is your account number and bank sort code.

It is not common for a bank to lose any account number. It may be a good idea to consult the bank in order to know why the account number is missing.

The only way someone could deposit money into your account is if they have your full bank account number with the name on the account. If they have this information yes they can deposit money any time they want.

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