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If you have missed 2 periods but a number of HPTs and a blood test all showed negative is it possible that you could still be pregnant?


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2015-07-16 19:26:49
2015-07-16 19:26:49

I don't think after all those tests you could still be pregnant. sounds to me as if you horomone levels are all messed up. this happened to me a number of years ago and I had to go to my gyn for a med called provera to help me start my period.

I have heard of this happening in rare cases where the women is pregnant, but none of the tests come out positive. But most likely you aren't pregnant. You probably need to go to the doctor and get some medication to help you start your periods again. It happened to a few people I know. I don't know why it happens, but that's more likely the case, not pregnancy.

I am also having the same problem and they ran a thyroid and hormone test and they were all normal. I asked my mother in law about it and she said it is possible to be pregnant because it happend to her. Good luck!!

Hi everyone, thanks for contributing to my question. I have since found out that no I am not preggie, just a hormonal imbalance. I strongly suggest to anyone that goes through the same thing to go see your Doctor and get a thorough checkup before stressing yourself out over wondering if you are preggie or not. Good luck to those still trying to get pregnant!!!


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it's possible to be pregnant with a negative pregnancy test. it can be a fault negative.

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It is unlikely you are pregnant if the test was negative. That test will show positive once you are about 2-3 weeks past conception. If you have missed two periods you would be at least 8 weeks pregnant.

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You can be sure that you are not pregnant as all three tests were negative.

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