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If you have no criminal history does that mean you are bondable?


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Most likely. A bond is something that you pay for and gives confidence to a purchaser of your services that you most likely have integrity and will take care honestly of any problems that may arise. Some bonds are demanded by a court to protect assets that a guardian may be holding for a minor and of course some bonds ensure that a criminal will show for their court date or the collateral in the bond will be collected. Call your Clerk of Court to ask for particulars.


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Bondable usually means that an individual has no criminal record. Some companies also include credit history in the definition of bondable individuals.

People with criminal records are not bondable.

Too be bondable in Ontario is (not have been found guilty of any criminal offenses related to theft or fraud) Having a criminal record alone does not necessarily exclude you from being bondable.

Bondable means you do not have a criminal record, so when asked: "are you bondable?" and you have a clean record, answer "yes."You can also get around this if you've been pardoned for your offense. So you're also bondable if you went through the pardon process and had your record sealed. See related link below:

You can be insured to handle cash and valuables A bondable employee is someone who can be insured to handle cash and other valuables. Employers need to get insurance for loss or theft of goods. People with criminal convictions, especially theft and fraud, are usually not bondable.

Meaning you have to have a clean criminal background so you can be bonded which is a requirement of the job.

That depends on the reason you do not qualify, but most are hard to change. Bad credit rating, history of drug or alcohol abuse, felony convictions?

what is the criteria for being bondable?

If you have a clean criminal record you can say that, "Insofar as you know, you are bond eligible."

How do i find someone's criminal history

Yes, a person is still bondable. They just have to be able to pay their bond or have a clear background check to be bondable.

This question means to ask if you are bondable. If you have been denied a bond it probably would have been due to a bad criminal record or background check which reveals information about you.

No. Law enforcement will not eploy you if you have a criminal history unless (possibly) if it was a minor offense and you were a juvenile).

You are not bondable if you have a felony on your record. The insurance company doesn't want the risk that comes with bonding a felon.

no criminal history ny penalty criminal mischief category d

Somone who has a continued criminal history of committing offenses. The number of times a repeat offender commits crime to be qualified as "habitual" can vary from state -to-state.

It means that if you qualify in your state, you may have a charge (either misdemeanor or felony) removed from your publicly viewable criminal history record.

It is always acceptable for a business to check an employee's criminal history.

Customarily used as a slang expression referring to either the form used to request a criminal history check, or to refer to a "clean" criminal history (i.e.: no record).

Anytime they have a valid cause to look into someone's background and criminal history in order to further their investigation.

A person with a criminal history can apply to work with any employer that they want to. Some employers may be willing to give a criminal a second chance while others may refuse to hire someone with a criminal background. If the offense was minor some states don't require a person to admit that they have a criminal history.

Do you mean Criminal Conspiracy.

They want to ensure you are bondable (clear background) Some service positions require a surety bond.

most times it will consist of your previous employment history , any criminal history and if driving is involved as part of your employ, a driving history An employee backround check is more like a criminal history check. They basically check for any kind of criminal activity.

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