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NO, its not illegal. If you really want the car repoed, take it back to the lender and leave it in their parking lot. It is costing you HIGH interest and late charges to keep driving the car. Good Luck

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Can my mortgage lender refuse a payment because it is not for the full amount owed?

i am two months behind on my mortgage. can the lender refuse to take one payment?

What if you could not pay for 3 or more months?

what if your 3-Month or more late in car payment will the lender still accepeted a payment

If you are two months behind on a payment can your car be repossed?

First off it is not your car. The car belongs to the lender until you pay for it. Legally if you miss 1 payment you are delinquent and they can start repossession proceedings on their vehicle.

Can you pay your car loan that is 6 months behind on payments?

If you paid a six month balance to the lender in one payment, they would be giddy. The lender does not want your car. They want your money. They will take your car, but only so it can be sold so they can put that toward what you owe.

If you pay half of your payment at the beginning of the month and pay the other half at the end of the month can they still repo your car?

Depending on the lender, but usually they wont Repo a car unless you are 3 months delinquent.

What is escrow reserve?

Lenders want to pay your taxes and homeowners insurance on your behalf when they are due. This helps protect their investment. Your lender will collect 1/12 of your yearly property taxes and 1/12 of your yearly homeowners premium with each months payment. When you originally buy the home they will collect a couple of additional months reserves for each of these categories. When it comes time to pay your property taxes, the lender will have the full amount escrowed ( saved ) for you. They will then forward the tax payment on your behalf. The same is true with your homeowners insurance.

Havent had period in two months worried im 16 sure havent had sex.?

Periods come and go, I wouldn't worry to much :)

Can you still get pregnant if you haven't had a period in 7 to 8 months?

Can you still get pregnant if you havent had a period in 8 months

What can happen if you havent paid your car in 4 months?

You can be sued and your car repossessed.

Can a co signer removed their name from a contract if they have no cause to do so and the borrower did not miss a payment for 17 months?

No. The loan is owned by the lender. The co-signer never has any authority to remove their name from the loan. They need to discuss that matter with the lender.No. The loan is owned by the lender. The co-signer never has any authority to remove their name from the loan. They need to discuss that matter with the lender.No. The loan is owned by the lender. The co-signer never has any authority to remove their name from the loan. They need to discuss that matter with the lender.No. The loan is owned by the lender. The co-signer never has any authority to remove their name from the loan. They need to discuss that matter with the lender.

You havent had your period in 4 months?

theres a chance you can be pregnant so take a test ASAP ! i havent had mine in 3months nd i found out im pregnant

What can you do if your mortgage payment is 2 months late?

call the mortgage holder and make payment arrangements

How much time would someone have to make payment once the creditor decides to file a writ of replevin or get the police involved?

There is no set time. You are gambling that things will fall into place before its too late. How long have you driven the vehicle now without paying? 4 months, 6 months, more???? Usually if a lender has to file a replevin, there is NO "catching up". The lender has lost faith in your ability and/or desire to perform the terms of the contract.

What can you do if you lost your job and your car was repossessed about 2 months after you purchased it?

Pay it. negotiate with the lender for reduced payoff.The lender can get wage garnishment.ect. They will hound you till you pay.

Is Westfield Law Group a good law firm use against my mortgage lender?

Yes, I used this law firm after my neighbor referred me to them. They got a good deal from their lender after struggling for over a year with their lender and getting denied multiple times. I signed up with them 6 months ago and they got my reduction in about 4 months. I just paid my 2nd trial payment and my interest rate was dropped from 6.75% down to 2% for the life of the loan. They also got the lender to forgive $28K off the principal balance since I was severely under water. I couldn't have been happier with the results. I highly recommend using this law firm. Don't let your lender win. Your lender is going to hire a law firm to try to foreclose, so you need one on your side if you want a good chance at saving.

How do I get my car back that I sold to a friend and they have not paid the agreed monthly payment. they havent paid any payments in 3 months.?

Hopefully you did not sign the title over until it was to be paid for. If you did not sign over the title the car is legally yours. If you did, consult a lawyer.

Can they repo a leased car 2 months before the end of the contract with payment schedule in place?

READ your lease. The lender can repo as long as you are in DEFAULT. As long as there is money owed on a contract, the collateral can be repossessed IF the contract is in default. Subject to some state guidelines.

Can you pay double next month if you skip current payment for car insurance?

No, but you could pay double the payment when it is due and not pay the following months payment.

Do we have to make a down payment for a rent house?

You usually will need to make a down payment if you are buying a rental home & either taking out a loan from a bank or other lender, or working with the owner to finance for you. If you are renting a home, as opposed to buying a home to rent out, then you will need what is called a security deposit, which is usually the equivalent of three months worth of rent payments.

How long does a lender have to repossess?

I am 3 months behind on my mortgage? How long until they repo my home?

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