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If you never got the marriage licenses then you were never married. So you don't have to file for a divorce. However if you fight over things like who gets what you will probably end up in small claims court or something of that nature.

AnswerSTOP! It depends on where you live!

Do a search on Google for your country/state + "common law marriage" because there are some places that this is still in effect. A common law marriage is basically a marriage where the government did not become involved neccessarily or you may not of even had a ceremony but you (the couple) present yourselves as married. Different places have different rules in regards to common law marriages. There are only a handful of states in the United States that still recognize them.

Example: Sue and Bob live together. Their next door neighbor sees them kissing, hugging, and Sue introduces people to Bob as "This is my husband, Bob". Sue and Bob live in a state that recognizes Common Law marriages meaning that because of the statement of intent and cohabitation they are married. In order to separate they must file for a divorce. Also if they move to a state that doesn't recognize common law marriage they are STILL married because states in the United States recognize marriages from other states and they would still have to file for a divorce to separate.

If you live in a state that doesn't recognize common law marriage you MUST get a marriage license in order for it to be recognized. Most pastors and the like could do that for you if you pay the fee. My parents were wed by a non-denominational minister and they just had a couple things of paperwork to sign in addition to the ceremony. Check with your local library or the clerk's office for more details.

Note: This Answer was written in addressing those individuals who may be from USA, Canada. It is unknown how it applies to other countries.

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Q: If you have not signed a marriage license but had a religious ceremony then do you still have to have anything filed legally if the marriage ends?
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Can you have a religious wedding ceremony if you are already legally married?

If a person is legally married, the person can have a religious wedding ceremony. Some people become legally married before the ceremony, and some people renew vows in a ceremony after years of marriage.

What are Ceremony of marriage?

A ceremony of marriage is a ceremony where two people get legally married.

Should you get legally married before your ceremony?

There is no reason to avoid having a legal marriage before a religious ceremony. Many couples do this in order to gain the marriage benefits.

What is information about Canadian legal marriage in Mexico?

Yes, as long as a civil marriage is performed. You can also add a religious component, but the marriage is not legally recognized unless it is a civil ceremony.

Is it necessary to do the marriage ceremony?

In most if not all states in the U.S. a marriage ceremony is necessary to satisfy the requirements to be legally married.

Is a church marriage ceremony legally recognized without a marriage license?

No. You need the license to be legal without it you just have a nice ceremony.

Are you legally married if you have a marriage certificate but you never got the marriage license before the ceremony?


Can an ordained christian minister marry a couple without a marriage license if the couple don't need to be legally married?

Marriage is a legal status and a marriage license is required in the United States. A Christian minister cannot perform a marriage ceremony without a valid marriage license. There would be no valid marriage. A ceremony in which two people commit under religious or social constructs is generally known as a commitment ceremony or is given a specific name by the religious sect. (e.g. convalidation, sealing, handfasting)

What is needed to perform a marriage ceremony?

Two people who can legally be married; a person legally able to conduct a marriage; at least two witnesses.

How do atheist people get married?

Despite the fact that weddings are most often conducted by members of the clergy, marriage itself is a legal agreement that is established by the state, not by the church. Any couple who wish to marry can obtain a marriage license, with no religious ceremony being required. Marriages can be legally enacted by a Justice of the Peace. If an atheist couple did want to have a marriage ceremony, they are perfectly free to have any kind of ceremony that they like. Nothing requires them to have any religious element in their wedding ceremony.

Is there a relationship ceremony like a wedding but not?

Legally No. But I wanted to marry a man but not legally, i had a wedding ceremony and reception what i didn't have was a marriage license and a priest or justice of the peace or judge. Marriage in the religious sense is a commitment between you and your partner not a legal document. In some states such as Kansas what I did was considered Common Law Marriage. I also didn't have to pay a fortune for a divorce when it didn't work out.

Does a marriage license mean your legally married?

It depends, in California the marriage ceremony is required to make the marriage legal, and it has to be recorded.

What if the marriage certificate was never turned in after the ceremony?

A marriage certificate has to be filed with in 2 years of the ceremony to make the marriage legal. If it has been longer than 2 years then the marriage is not legally recognized by the courts.

Are you legally married before the ceremony?

No. You are not legally married until the officiant has signed the marriage license and returned it to the County Clerk. At that point you are legally married. The ceremony is just for show as far as the government is concerned.

If I got a marriage license and have a ceremony performed in Oklahoma but did not register it after the marriage am I you legally married?

After the ceremony, the ordained or legally authorized clergy/rabbi should sign the certificate, and it must be returned to the judge or court within 30 days of the union.

If you have obtained a marriage certificate and the ceremony was performed but you do not have a marriage license are you legally married?

If the marriage certificate was not issued by the state, no. You have to file for a license and execute the license.

Is a marriage of one day legal in Florida?

Yes. If the marriage license was legally obtained and the ceremony legally performed the couple are considered married from the moment they are pronounced "husband and wife".

Is it legal to conduct a marriage ceremony without a license in Pennsylvania?

More to the point is that the marriage is not valid without a valid civil marriage license issued by the local town, city or county clerk and unless the marriage is solemnized by an official sanctioned by the state to solemnize marriages.A marriage ceremony in the United States without a marriage license doesn't accomplish anything. The couple would noit be legally married.

What are the conditions for Florida to recognize marriage in international waters?

Florida will recognize marriage in international waters as long as the ceremony was legally conducted.

What do you need to remarry the same person?

First you must have legally dissolved your first marriage. Then you must simply start all over again. You must apply for a marriage license and have someone who is qualified perform the ceremony.First you must have legally dissolved your first marriage. Then you must simply start all over again. You must apply for a marriage license and have someone who is qualified perform the ceremony.First you must have legally dissolved your first marriage. Then you must simply start all over again. You must apply for a marriage license and have someone who is qualified perform the ceremony.First you must have legally dissolved your first marriage. Then you must simply start all over again. You must apply for a marriage license and have someone who is qualified perform the ceremony.

Why are Muslim marriages not recognized in the UK?

Many Muslim couples marry under a religious ceremony called the Nikah that is not legally recognized in the UK. In jurisdictions such as the UK and the US, marriage is a civil legal status acquired through a legal civil ceremony. In addition to the Nikah, a civil marriage must be performed at a Registry office according to UK law. Otherwise the marriage is not valid and the parties do not acquire any enforceable legal rights.The laws do not single out Muslim marriages in this instance. Any marriage performed by only a religious ceremony would not be legally recognized.

Can you marry by church only not by court?

To legally marry, you must meet the requirements of the country/state that you get married in. Most places require that you obtain a marriage license through the court house and have the ceremony performed by an authorized individual. Once they have solemnized the ceremony, they document it on the license and it is returned to the court, who will then issue a marriage certificate. Anything else is not considered a legal marriage.

Can the pastor who performed your marriage ceremony without a marriage license be prosecuted?

No. It was your responsibility to obtain a license. The minister has the authority to sign it so that it becomes legally binding. Without that certificate - you just had a nice little religious or spiritualy union cerimony- not a legal one.

What age you have to be to get married in Mexico?

You both must be at least 18 years old (or 16 in some southern states) for your marriage to be legally recognized by the Mexican State. You could also marry with a younger age on a religious ceremony, but such marriage is only recognized by the church.

Who can be considered legally married?

In the United States you must apply for a marriage license and then have someone perform the ceremony in order to enjoy the full legal benefits of marriage.