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you cannot be issued a license without a certi.

Technically, yes.

The marriage licensed is used to be married, once the marriage is performed a marriage certificate is issued making the union legally valid.

All persons who are licensed to perform marriages must file a copy of the certificate with the state's department vital statistics.

Contact the office of vital statistics in the state where the marriage was performed to obtain a copy.

2015-07-15 20:09:29
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Q: If you have obtained a marriage license and the marriage ceremony was performed but you do not have a marriage certificate are you legally married?
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If you have obtained a marriage certificate and the ceremony was performed but you do not have a marriage license are you legally married?

If the marriage certificate was not issued by the state, no. You have to file for a license and execute the license.

Is a marriage legal if the ceremony was performed before the license was obtained in the state of PA?

No, the license is required.

Is a marriage legal if it was performed by a preacher but no marriage license was not obtained?

It would not be considered a legal marriage at that point. A license needs to be executed and a certificate issued.

Can a pastor marry a couple without a license?

(in the US) He may marry them in a religious ceremony (i.e.: in the eyes of the church") but without a legal Marriage Certificate that in itself does not constitute a legal/lawful marriage under civil law. A Marriage Certificate must be obtained be obtained from whatever government entity issues them in their jurisdiction.

Is a marriage of one day legal in Florida?

Yes. If the marriage license was legally obtained and the ceremony legally performed the couple are considered married from the moment they are pronounced "husband and wife".

How long after you get a marriage license do you have to turn it in in California?

Once you've obtained your marriage license, the ceremony must be performed within 90 days. If not used within 90 days, you will need to reapply. After the ceremony, the person that performed the ceremony completed the marriage license and returns it to the Recorder's Office for filing within 10 days. You can use the website link attached to check your specific County for further marriage license information.

Is UK marriage certificate valid in India?

If it was legally obtained, yes.

Can a marriage certificate be obtained without marriage taking place?

A "Marriage Certificate" "certifies" that a marriage took place, between the two parties named on the certificate, on a certain date, at a certain place, and was officiated by a person qualified to officiate a wedding. So, no, you cannot get a "Certificate of Marriage" if you did not get married.

If you are getting married in pA but you reside in NJ where do you obtain my marriage license?

The marriage license is obtained from the place at which the ceremony will take place, in your case Pennsylvania.

Where can I get the certificate of legal capacity?

Generally a Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage would be obtained at your countrys consulate or embassy in the country where you seek to be married.

What should you do if you did not turn in a marriage license and it was thrown away over a year ago?

You Should Be Able To Get A Copy From The Clerks Office In State And County Of Marriage. Call They Will Tell You The Person To See. * A marriage license is not "turned in", either the couple are married or the license expires and is no longer valid. A license that was issued more than a year ago would by now have expired if the marriage never took place. A marriage license is not proof of a valid marriage. The document that verifies a legal marriage is the marriage certificate which is signed by the person who performs the ceremony (minister, judge, JP, etc.)and filed with the vital records division in the state where the marriage takes place. Likewise, a copy of the certificate can be obtained from the state's division of vital records in the state where the marriage was performed.

Where can I go to get a copy of a birth certificate or married certificated?

Birth certificate copies can be obtained at your local Health department, and marriage certificate copies need to be obtianed from local court house records.

Can you get a duplicate marriage license if you lost your original?

I'm not sure if you are referring to the marriage license before the ceremony or if you mean a copy of the marriage certificate after you've been married. If you need a copy of the license before the ceremony, you should contact the office where you obtained the marriage license. There may be a small fee for a copy. The marriage license is usually valid for 30 or 60 days, depending on the County. If you are referring to getting a copy after the ceremony, the official submits the document to the County for filing. You should contact the County where the ceremony was held. Using the attached website link, you can access marriage license and marriage record information for all of the counties in all 50 states. Depending on the State, some records may be at the State level or City level rather than the County level. Click on your State and then scroll to your specific County for exact information.

In New Jersey is your marriage to an illegal immigrant valid if he does not have a Social Security number?

If a license was obtained and a marriage performed according to the laws of the state then it is legal.

Can you just go to New Hampshire and get married in a gay relationship or do you need something else other than a marriage license when moving from another state?

Gay people may marry in any state that recognizes same sex marriage and that does not have a residency requirement for marriage, and no other documentation is needed. However, your home state may not recognize your marriage (but the Federal government will).It should be noted that in the United States many people are under the impression that proof of your marriage is your marriage "license". That is incorrect. A marriage license is signed and returned to the issuing civil authority by the officiant who performs the ceremony. That is how the marriage becomes registered. Proof of marriage is a marriage certificate or certificate of marriage that can be obtained from the town or county clerk where the marriage license was issued and returned.See related question link.

How do you know if you're legally married?

You have a marriage certificate from the county. Which means the license was properly obtained, signed by the officiating individual and the proper number of witnesses. A copy can be obtained from the county courthouse where the license was filed.

What if you obtained a marriage license but never had a ceremony and never had it officiated Do you have to get divorced or annulment or will the license expire on its expiration date in California?

If you obtained a California marriage license but did not have it solemnized--that is, you did not have a ceremony and the officiant did not sign the license--you are not legally married and will not need to divorce. California marriage licenses expire 90 days after issuance (meaning you must have your ceremony within those 90 days); if your license expires before you have a ceremony, you must purchase a new license if you want to try again. Our County Clerk here in Los Angeles prefers unused licenses to be returned to the County offices in Norwalk, but you will not receive a refund--it's just for tracking purposes. Hope that helps!

Is your marriage legal in santa cruz county California performed by ordained universal life church?

Was a marriage license obtained and filed with the court house? If they accepted the filled out application, then it is legal.**************Any marriage performed by a ULC Minister in the state of CA is legal if the license was obtained, signed and filed with the court house. No pre-registration from the minister is required.Second answer written by Rev. Amy Long

Does government of Iran recognize US divorces of Iranian citizens?

If you have registered your marriage in the US @ the Iranian Interest Section @ the Pakistani embassy and obtained Iranian certificate of marriage, you should take your divorce papers and notify them of your divorce

How do you apply for a marriage license in Geogia?

In Georgia, marriage licenses are applied for from the County Probate Court. It can be obtained either in the County where you live or the County where the ceremony will be performed. You can use the free website "Georgia Vital Statistics Directory" to link to your specific County for either a direct link or contact information under "Marriage Licenses." Generally, you will need to provide proof of age and proof of prior marriage dissolution. In Georgia, you can obtain a marriage license at a reduced rate after taking premarital education classes.

Can a divorce be obtained in Maryland if the marriage was in California?

Yes, unless the marriage was a gay marriage.

How much would it cost for a marriage license in Georgia?

The fee varies from county to county and whether or not you had premarital counseling. For example, in Barrow County the fee is $56 without premarital counseling or $16 with proof of premarital counseling. If either the bride or the groom is a Georgia resident, the license can be purchased in any county in Georgia. If neither the bride nor the groom is a resident of Georgia, the marriage license must be obtained in the county in which the marriage ceremony will be performed. You obtain the marriage license from the Probate Court.

Am i still married if i didn't turn in the license?

Each state has its own procedures for issuing marriage licenses and rules for how soon the ceremony must be performed and the signed license returned. If you obtained your license and held the ceremony but just did not return the license, you may still have time to return the license before the license is void. I suggest that you contact the County that you obtained your license from to verify the status of your license. Many counties have online information regarding the procedure and important deadlines. Attached is a website link for marriage license information for all 50 states and most counties. Using the attached link, you can scroll to your county for specific information about your situation.

How can you get the illegitimate certificate?

In the United States there is not a illegitimate certificate to be gotten. A birth certificate can be obtained by contacting your states vital records department.

How many same-sex couples have married in Bronx County New York?

On July 24, 2011, the first day on which same-sex couples could legally obtain marriage licenses, 27 couples obtained marriage licenses and performed a ceremony in the Bronx Marriage Bureau, the only place in Bronx County where marriage licenses are issued. Additional same-sex marriage licenses were issued to couples who chose to marry elsewhere or at a later date. Perhaps New York City will soon release more statistics concerning this.