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NO, you owed it, you sent it in and its gone now. sorri

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Q: If you have paid a payment and the finance company accepted it but still sent the repo man for your car can you get your last payment back?
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How do you find out if the owner still owe a finance company on the car you are buying?

how do you find out if the owner still owe a finance company on the car you are buying?

How can you have your car repossessed i lost my job and can't afford it.?

Did you give it back to the finance company? If you still have the car, job or no job, they will be expecting a payment every month. You may be able to call them and make payment arrangements with them.

If you make a parshall payment on your loan can the loan company still come after your car?

YES they can. A partial payment is not the full amount owed, so they can repo the car. If they say they won't if you do this--get it in writing, or re-finance the car.

If you said you would take cash but later changed your mind and called your insurance company can you be penalized for the verbal agreement?

Not if you haven't already accepted the payment. Your policy most likely states that if you 'accept' payment from a tortfeasor then you waive the right to recovery from your own policy. Also, if you have accepted payment but the amount you have accepted is less than the deductible under your own policy, your insurance company may still allow you to file under your own policy. The company will then pursue the tortfeasor or their insurance company for the remaining amount of the damage.

How can you sell your car even though you still have to pay it off?

Legally - you can't ! Until you've made the last payment - the car still belongs to the finance company, not you ! When you buy a car on HP, the finance company effectively buys the car on your behalf. They pay the seller, and recover the money from you. The car only becomes your exclusive property on completion of the final payment !Having said that - some garages will buy HP cars. They pay the finance company the remaining debt - the garage takes a percentage - and you get what's left.

If your car was repossessed for a payment that the finance company forgot to record are you still responsible for the repo fee?

IF you were NOT in DEFAULT, then it was a wrongful repo and you shouldn't have to pay. Call a local attorney NOW.

Are half dollar coins still accepted as a form of payment?

They're still legal tender, yes.

What if the finance company cannot get to the car?

They will....eventually. Regardless, you still owe.

Can you cash a check written to you by your insurance company for a car that was totaled but still has remaining payments on it to a finance company?

Sure you can, but you're still responsible for paying off the loan to the finance company. If the check will cover the pay-off, give it to the finance company. If it doesn't, give it to them, anyway. It'll reduce your debt by that much.

I am thinking of buying a car from a seller who still has loan payments. How can i be sure i will get the title from him after i pay the finance company?

Go to the bank or finance company and tell them what you are doing. Don't give the seller any money untill you have worked it out with the finance company.

What does the finance company do when a car is totaled and there is no collision insurance?

If the driver was uninsured or only had liability insurance, they would be liable to still pay the finance company back or face a lawsuit.

What happens if the car gets stolen and its still on finance?

You will still owe the finance company the balance of your finance note. Hopefully you have full coverage insurance. If you do have full coverage, the Comprehensive portion of your policy will generally pay off the finance company up to the insured limits (usually the remaining market value) of your insured auto.

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