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This is not legal advice. For legal advice in your particular circumstance, please consult a qualified attorney in your area. Assuming a joint custody provision exists, the noncustodial parent has an absolute right to be involved in all aspects of a child's life. Impeding or interfering in the exercise of that right can be punishable by law in many states.

Furthermore, primary does not mean sole custody which is rarely given to any one parent. Your ex has secondary residential and parental responsibility of the child. Include them, in writing. If he/she doesn't want anything to do with it OK, if he/she does, include him or her. Isn't it in the best interest of all children to see his or her parents work out their differences with grace and maturity, instead of placing a child in the position to take sides. Without knowing it, that is what you are doing, barring DOCUMENTED AND REPORTED abuse, domestic violence and such, in which no justification would be required here.

•• I have primary custody (and sole legal custody) of my daughter, and as this was explained to me by my lawyer, I basically have all say and he has pretty much none. The only time he can make a decision concerning her is on the days she is visiting with him. I don't know what the "legal custody" arangements are in your case, but primary is the next best thing to sole custody. His rights end once the visitation time ends, and they continue again once the next visitation starts.

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How do you get custody of your son living in a different state?

file for custody in state of childs residence

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Can grandparents take custody of pregnant teens child in north carolina?

If the baby's parents agree to it.Another View: To gain LEGAL custody: onlyif the grandparents petition the court for the childs custody and the court awards it to them.

How can you obtain the full custody of your child that doesn't have your last name?

The childs last name is irrelevant. If you have established paternity you can petition for full custody in court. Speak to your lawyer about your chances.

How can a grandparent get emergency custody while the Childs parents are in jail?

By petitioning the family court in the jurisdiction where the children legally reside for a guardianship order.

If you were never married to your child's father and you have sole legal and physical custody who gets custody if you die?

The childs' father, married or not. Your relationship to the father is irrelevent. The father is the first on a long list of family members. Create a living will if that is not acceptable.

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I have legal custody of my cousin what is differnce between full custody and guardianship because board of social services is challenging my authority ?

Both full custody parents/guardians have say over the child. However, just because you are someones guardian does not mean that you have full custody of that child all of the time. It simply means you have say so in the childs life. This is how it was when my grandmother had full custody of me, however, my uncles were my guardians. I do not belive this particular law varies from place to place.

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Can step parents go to court for custody for there step child if the childs other parent is not fit?

They could file a petition for custody yes, but the mother would have to be deemed unfit by the state and not on hearsay. And if that were to happen and no father is in the picture, you would be investigated by social services to see if such a placement would be in the child's best interests. If the courts feel it would be in the child's best interests to be made a ward of the state, that could happen instead. So be very sure of what you are doing before you proceed. An attorney's assistance should be secured.

How can a family get custody of a child who is a ward of the state?

A responsible adult in the family should try to contact the childs social worker and express their interest in becoming the childs permanent guardian. That person would need to file a petition to be appointed the childs guardian in the probate court. That step should not be taken lightly but only if the adult wants to provide the child with a loving, stable home, financial support, address medical, emotional and education needs and step in as the childs parent.If possible they should consult with an attorney who specializes in custody and guardianship issues. An attorney could help the process go more smoothly and possibly more quickly since they would be familiar with the court and the process.

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