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File parental kidnapping charges. File contempt with state. If you know where the child is being kept and the other parent isn't there you can pick up the child at the babysisters.

We had this problem with my husband's exwife, she took them to IN for a summer visit and signed papers saying she would bring them back in the middle of Oct. We finally got them the 2nd week in Nov. She refused to honor her signature and drive them back, we had to drive to pick them up. She kept screaming that she didn't know WHY he wouldn't just let her keep the kids. We called the police in IN, they told us that they do have laws against parental kidnapping and such on the books, but that unfortunetly they had never written down any way to enforce these laws so there was really nothing that could be done to return the children other than wait for her to bring them back or file a contempt order in the original state, FL. wait for months or years and see if she showed up for that but if not we'd have to wait till she went back to FL if we happened to know about it and try to get her there.

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Q: If you have primary residential custody what can you do if the father refuses to return your son after a weekend visit?
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I'm going threw a custody battle and I get my kids the first weekend and the third weekend of the month is this weekend March 15 the third weekend of the month-?

Yes, if you have a custody agreement for the third weekend of the month, the 15th of March is the 3 rd weekend.

I'm going threw a custody battle and I get my kids the first weekend and the third weekend of the month is this weekend March 15 the third weekend of the month?

Yes, the weekend of March 15, 2014, will be the third weekend of the month. You can get a wall calendar and keep track of your custody arrangement. It will help for the months there have five weeks.

What is EOW in custody?

EOW means "every other weekend".

How did Jeff dunham get custody of his kids?

He doesn't have custody of his kids!! His ex-wife Paige does. Jeff has visitation every other weekend.

What would happen if a child is with their father for his weekend and child runs away to the mother with primary custody?

The police can bring the child back to his father since the court order says it is his weekend. The mother also have a responsibility to make sure the child is brought back and can not break the court order.

Did USPS priority mail deliver on weekend?

They deliver to residential zones on Saturday only.

Who gets custody of Jeff dunham's kids?

Jeff's ex-wife Paige has custody of their kids! Jeff has visitation every other weekend if he is in town.

Can the ex girlfriend move out of pa with 2 yr old son you filed for custody and they gave you partial custody you get him every other weekend?

Yes, but she's still required to honor the custody agreement.

Who won custody of April on Gilmore girls?

Luke and Anna share custody Luke sees her on 1 weekend of every month and evey other major holiday

Father of a child who does not have primary custody only joint is taking the child to NC for a vacation on his weekend he refused the primary parent any information agreement was made in CT legal?

Read your custody agreement. Everything that governs, or limits, the 'right' of the non-custodial parent during his visitation should be set forth in the custody agreement. If it isn't set forth in the custody agreement then there is no limitation on him. It is, I agree, pretty callous to just take the child off out of state and not give you any contact information. If the custody agreement limits what he can do and where he can go with the child, you could take him back to court asking for the court to find him in contempt of the order, and possibly request further limitations on his visitation.

Does Tom Brady have custody of his son?

No, Tom Brady does not have custody of his son. His ex wife Giselle does. However, Tom does get weekend visits and gets to spend quality time with his son John.

What day does the weekend start?

The weekend starts on Saturday and runs until Sunday. Friday is not considered the start of the weekend since most people have work that day and have off Saturday and Sunday, also students have school and the students have of Saturday and Sunday.

In joint custody in state of Texas how old does child need to be to choose not to visit a parent for the weekend?

If I am not mistaken I think it is fourteen in Texas

What are your options if you have sole physical and legal custody but your 15-year-old daughter refuses to come home after a weekend with her father?

I've personally been there done that and have the T Shirt. Let her stay, as long as he's a good parent. You'll get her back one day. CA Family Law Code 3042. (a) If a child is of sufficient age and capacity to reason so as to form an intelligent preference as to custody, the court shall consider and give due weight to the wishes of the child in making an order granting or modifying custody. More info at

Can one parent have sole custody and the bothparents have joint physical custody?

This what i know that my parents are separated but, i live with my mom but i go to my dads house every weekend. Sometimes if my mom is nice enough i will go to his house on the weekday and ride the bus to school from and back to his house. I don't know about the joint physical custody.

Can you get a jury trial for a custody hearing in Texas?

Yes, you can request a jury trial for custody cases in Texas. I am in fact going through one at this moment, and as a fathr fighting for custody, I believe that this is the ONLY way to go. I raised my daughter from birth until now, and when I went to sue for the custodial rights, the judge gave the mother temp custody pending final trial. Although I had documentation proving that she was not the one giving primary care for the last 4 years, and it was I. He ordered the removal of her from my home, I went from having her Mon-Fri to every weekend. Injustice at its best. Go jury trial if you are a fatehr for sure.

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What is Interfering with child custody?

This can be applicable to either parent, interfering with the custody rights of the other, however briefly, such as interfering with a weekend visitation. In Missouri it's a Class D. In a related story, today a boy was found that's been kept in a 5'X12'X4' room for two years by a mother in interference of the child custody rights of the father.

What can happen if a parent does not return a child after a visit over the weekend?

It could be construed as kidnapping provided that parent does not have legal custody. Contact your attorney and call the police.

If school is cancelled because of weather on Friday and it is my weekend what time am I allowed to get mychildren back on Friday. My ex-husband gets them on Thursday nights.?

Perhaps you could ask the court that decided your custody issues, or maybe your lawyer. You could also check with the child custody authorities in your area.

My girlfriend has sole custody of her son and his dad gets him every other weekend but she wants to swap weekends Can she still do that even though he is not willing to compromise with her?

only with court approval

What are the working hours on a building plot over the weekend?

Local ordinances will determine the actual regulations. If you are in a town or township, contact the local offices for the regulations. Many have web sites with the regulations posted on them. Many places don't allow construction in residential areas during the weekend, but some do.

Does an unmarried mother still have sole custody after father has been awarded visitation in Tennessee?

She needs to review the court order that established the visitations. The order should state the legal custody arrangement along with the visitation schedule. For example it could state, "The mother shall have sole legal custody and the father shall have the right to visitations with the child every other weekend and alternating holidays."

Do you say 'on the weekend' or 'in the weekend?

"on the weekend" is correct

Do you say 'on the weekend' or 'in the weekend'?

you say on the weekend