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An HCG test can say you are pregnant or not pregnant but as levels vary so widely it cannot tell you the stage of your pregnancy. If you are unsure you need an ultrasound.

2006-08-30 07:26:30
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Can you test positive while you are on your period?

99.8% of the time having a period means you are not pregnant, so No, you don't test positive.

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How can you tell if you are pregnant after period?

you will either A] Miss your next period B]Have a positive result on a pregnancy test C] experience early pregnancy symptoms, such as frequent urination, sore tender breast, nausea. Raye

Can you test positive when your on your period?


Can test be positive then your period?


Can you test positive while on your period?


Can i test positive for drugs on your period?

No, you do not test positive as the drugs are being released from your system

Can you be pregnant the day after your period is due and get a positive test?

can you be pregnant the day after your period is due without have a period at all

You have taken three pregnancy tests all are positive one day before period due and on day of period no period?

Congrats! If it is CLEAR positive on the tests it's pretty much certain that you are pregnant!

Can you still be pregnant if you took a home pregnancy test and it came out positive but you got your period?

If your period began after the positive pregnancy test, you are not pregnant. A period means the lining needed to support a fetus has shed away.

When will a pregnancy test be positive after a short period?

yes it will

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You had taken a pregnancy test a few days before your period and it came back positive does this mean you are pregnant or not?

Yes. If you see a positive, it is positive.

Can your period make a pregnancy test positive?

if you're on your period then it's most likely you're not pregnant or you wouldn't be having a period.

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If you had a positive pregnancy test but had your period for to months what is that?

Go to the doctor.

Ive had my period for 3 weeks.Whats wrong?

it's either your 'iffy', or its not your period

Can being on your period produce a false positive on a home pregnancy test?

Certain tumors producing HCG can cause false positive pregnancy test. Being on period per se can not.

Could you still be pregnant if you took a test and it came out positive but you started your period today?

A positive test means your pregnant. If your period is red then this could be a miscarriage. Go to ER now.

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Is it likely you are pregnant if you have cramps and got a pimple like you usually do before your period but your period did not come and a home pregnancy test was positive?

Early pregnancy feels just like your period is going to start. if your home test was positive, then you are pregnant. ~pawsalmighty

Will a pregnancy test show pregnancy 2 days after a missed period?

yes. i got a positive test the day my period was due, however it was faint. some tests can show a positive result as early as 5 days before your missed period.

You had a positive pregnancy test a couple days later had a heavy period?

If you had a positive pregnancy test then had a heavy period a couple days later, you may have had a miscarriage. If this happens, you should consult a doctor.

Had heavy period and a week later tested positive for pregnancy?

That "heavy period" could have been implantation bleeding if you have tested positive for pregnancy. I would suggest taking another test to confirm.