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It could be a heat rash or possibly a food allergy.

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Q: If you have red bumps around your butt but they do not itch or cause pain and you tested negative for STDS could it be an allergic reaction to something?
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What is swelling around the eye due to allergic reaction?

This is Periorbital edema.

You have itching and burning around your vagina and there are a few red bumps what is it?

It could be an allergic reaction, irritation, or even an std. Don´t itch it, and make an appointment with your gynocologist right away. She can tell you what it is, and if it is an allergic reaction she can give you something for it. But she needs to see it before it goes away in order to tell you what it is.

What does it mean when everything around your vagina gets swollen?

Infection or an allergic reaction I would guess.

Can you be allergic to mosquito bites?

yes you can be allergic to mosqutio bites or sensitive to mosquito bites and if it is itching and swelling around the bite area it might be that you are allergic or you may havent had that reaction to the mosquito bites yet.

Will a hepa filter actually help someone with allergies?

What is he allergic to? If he's allergic to dust, or cotton, or something that flies around in the air then yes. Hepa filter is great at doing that. But if he's allergic to something like peanut butter.. then no.

What causes reddish rash around lips?

too much snogging or an allergic reaction to smoking is probably it. i suggest you see your doctor...

What are causes of a red rash around your lips?

A red rash around your mouth could be rosacea, hormonal changes, an allergic reaction or a reaction to constant lip licking. Apply vaseline at night and check with your dermatologist if it persists.

What if your cat has a flea collar on but is still scratching around the ears?

It could be ear mites that are bothering the cat or allergic reaction to the flea collar.

What does an Allergic reaction to orange juice look like?

i also get what i think may be an allergic reaction from OJ too, everytime i drink it, like the next day my skin is breaking out around my mouth and sometimes my neck, but when i stop for about a wekk or so of no Orange juice, everythng is normal again

What does it mean when you have blisters around incisions?

Blisters around the incision may be due to pressure or allergic reaction to the dressings. It can also result from wound infection and should not be a cause for concern

How do you know if your alerjic to a cat?

If you start to sneeze around cats or if your eyes start to itch, turn red, or swell up you are allergic to cats. But you could be allergic to something that the cat is around- so check with a doctor if you get those symptoms.

Can person develop hives after receiving the swine flue vaccine?

Hive is a form of allergic reaction, period. What this mean is that anything you are allergic to can be result in hives. So, if you just happened be allergic the the swine flu or any of the ingredients within it, then the hives you have may be the result of the vaccine. It can also be something you're exposed to at around the same time as when you got the vaccine, like new food, soap, detergents, deodorants, ect.

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