Fuel Filters

If you have replaced fuel filter the front o2 sensor egr egr modulating valve plug wires cleaned the throttle body and IAC new plugs cap and rotor What else could make it miss 97 Geo Tracker?

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2006-08-30 16:16:08

Hi, The first place I'd start is have someone plug in an OBD

reader and find out what code are stored and then you have at least

somewhere to start. If you're not sure whatI mean, the plug is down

by where your right kne is and it's near the console. It's a white

plug that faces the passenger compartment. A device is plugged into

that and reads the codes that have been stored. A mechanic can then

give you a place o start looking from the codes that are read. He

can also go for a drive while the device is plugged in and see if

anything changes. If you already knew this, well, then maybe

this'll help someone else. Another thought is the distributor being

moved a little or the timing belt has a broken or breaking, not

missing tooth> In any case, the firstplace to go is having the

codes read. I hope this helps and good luck. I'm a '97 Tracker 2dr

auto, 4wd, softtop owner and I've gone through a lot with mine.

Steve H. May I add that you may have a burnt valve or blown head

gasket, cracked head. A compression test will help eliminate these

possibilities. Clay I finally broke down and took the car in to the

shop, he suspected a fuel injector problem but found the problem,

hopefully when he pulled the hose off of the fuel pressure

regulator on the end of the fuel rail and gas poured out, it's

supposed be be a vacuum so he thinks the fuel was pouring into the

closest, first cylinder and flooding it til it burned off, we will

know today as he ordered the part, $250, ouch

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