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There are sometimes issues between parents that are "dumped" on the child. Parents should always consider what affect any confrontation will have on the children. It would be wise to let go of personal resentment and move on. In other words, do not cause more stress for a child by battling over every issue. Especially those, that, over time will obviously resolve itself. Hair will grow back, broken hearts are hard (sometimes impossible) to mend.

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Why might a person have curly hair or straight?

usualy if a childs mother or father has curly hair they to would probaby have curly hair to because it is a genetic thing

What colour is amy childs hair out of the only way is Essex?

Its rosy red

Father has red hair mother black will children have red hair?

My mom has red hair and my father has black hair, I ended up with dark blonde hair..

If the father has red hair and the mother has brown hair what color will the hair of their child be?

Well, it could be anything, really! It depends on whose genes the baby has the most of. Chances are, it will be brown, but there may be hints of red in it! Hope this helped!

Does anything help us to overcome hair loss?

We must remember that if the father is bald there is over 80percent chance that the son to will be bald.

What color will baby hair be if the father has red hair and the mother has black hair?

if mother has black and the father has red it will probally be brown

Your partner and you have brown hair your mother and his father have dark hair and your father and his mother have red hair. What are the chances of your kids having red hair?

most likely brown hair

Can a blond hair mom and a dark hair father produce a blond hair child?

Yes, however it is much rarer as dark genes are dominant. My father had dark hair and my mother had blonde hair - I have dark hair.

Why do you get white hair?

I found out that when your born you're hair is your natural color or you don't have hair. After you start growing you hair gets older as you body starts growing and getting older. As you see many seniors have white hair unless the dye or color it. In the cold a childs hair can get white because of the cold.

What you use to arrange your hair?

You can use anything. Try hair bands, hair clips, or ribbons. Anything should be able to work.

Can guys get women's discharge on their pubic hair?

Yes, anything can be get on pubic hair just like anything will stick to head hair.

What color hair will a baby have if father has brown and mother has strawberry blonde?

Could be any colour, my father has strawberry blonde hair my mother has brown hair my sister has blonde hair two of my brothers have red hair and I have mousey hair.

When is it illegal to require hair folical in custody matters?

It's not if testing for drug history.

Can anything remove hair dye from fabric?

I've used hair spray to remove hair dye from the carpet. Not sure about anything else though.

If father has red hair and mother has blond hair what color will the hair of their child be?

strawberry blonde

If the father has black hair and the mother has dark brown hair can the child have black hair?

yes it can

How do you keep your hair from getting puffy with out anything on your hair?

Wrap it.

If you are a red head do you have to have red hair genes from both parents?

Not necessarily. I have red hair. My Mother was a blonde and my father had dark brown hair though had blondish touches when in his teens. I also have blue eyes as did both my parents. it is genetic, not anything one can turn on or off.

What is a homozygous organism?

Homozygous means "alike genes". For example, consider this. Your father has brown hair, he has the gene for brown hair and blonde hair. Your mum has blonde hair, she has two genes for blonde hair. Your father is heterozygous, your mum is homozygous.

You have brown skin and the father has ginger hair will your baby have ginger hair?


What color hair wil baby have if mother is blond abd father is dark brown haired?

It depends on the fathers genes in this case, usually the hair will be brown as the gene for brown hair is dominant. However, If the father also carries the gene for blond hair, there is about a 50% chance the baby will be born with blond hair. Again that's only if the father has the gene for blond hair.

Is silver ashs father?

Yes,because in the flashback in pokemon dimond and pierl ash's father has hair like silver's hair,or it is voltiner

Can you put a relaxer on hair weave?

You shouldn't have to, but if it is human hair, you can do anything to it you'd do to your own hair.

Why don't you feel anything when your hair is cut?

It doesnt hurt when you cut your hair because your hair hasn't any nerve cells so you don't feel anything.

How do you get bratz hair color out of kids hair?

you dont do anything!!1