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You cannot have sole custody without physical custody. If your ex has physical custody, you are the non-custodial parent.

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Q: If you have sole custody and your ex has physical custody can you keep her?
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What if the mother has sole physical custody of the her children and the ex had visitation when can the children choose not to go?

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How do you respond to a petition from your ex to have sole custody?

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Can my ex-wife use images of our children in a publication without my consent?

Yes, if she has sole legal custody. Not necessarily, if you have joint legal custody. Definitely not, if you have sole legal custody.

Can an ex wife keep the kids from the father even tho she has sole custody?

Not if there's court access rights. see links below

Is your ex wife allowed to move your son out of the country without your permission if she has sole custody?

Yes, because she has SOLE custody, so you have nothing on the kid legally.

If you have sole legal custody do you have to tell ex every time you do something medically with your child?

No you are not required to but if you share physical custody or the other parent has visitation you should inform them of any medical issues that they may encounter during their time with them. Sole legal custody simply means that you don't HAVE to discuss medical decisions with the other parent, not that you shouldn't.

How do I gain sole custody after my exhusband picked up my son after smoking weed?

I am not sure what your saying I said my ex picked up my son while high I the mother would like to fight for sole custody as opposed to shared custody it might be hard to gain sole custody after that. i think that you could probably get visitation but i doubt sole custody unless the child's real mother does something even more stupid than that

What if your ex wife has sole custody of your 15 yr old daughterwhat do you need for documentation from ex for your daughter to try living with you in ca?

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Can your ex keep your children from you?

If your ex has custody than yes. If not than the other parent has every right.

Can your unfit ex-wife get the costudy of your child if you file for sole costudy?

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If you have full physical custody and half legal custody would it be abanndonment to give a note to your ex husband and leave the kids with him?

No, not if he is the other person that has legal custody.

If you have sole custody do you have to notify the ex that the child will spend the summer with the grandparents if she was found unfit in the first place and doesn't see or speak to the child?

No if they have lost custody it doesn't mater.