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a 4 feet diameter tank holds 94 gallons/foot. Therefore 94 x 3 =282 gallons

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How many liters in 4 foot diameter 8foot deep?

There are 3,634 liters (960 gallons) of water in a pool that is four feet in diameter and 8 feet deep.

How many gallons of water in a swimming pool 18feet diameter and 4 feet deep?

5400 gallons

What is the number gallons of a circle pool that is 15 diameter x4 ft deep?

It is not possible to answer the question since the dimensions for the diameter are not given. 15 WHAT? Feet, yards? something else?

How many gallons in a container that has a 6 foot diameter and is 3 feet deep?

It is difficult to determine the capacity of a container without all of the parameters. However, a container that is six feet and diameter, three feet long, and three feet deep will hold about 264 gallons of liquid.

10 feet diameter 18 inches deep how many gallons will it take to fill up?

885 gallons.

How many gallons in a 15 foot diameter by 3 feet deep pool?

3982.5 Gallons. Formula is based on diameter x diameter x depth x 5.9

How many gallons of water are in a 24' round pool?

Depends on the depth. If it is 4 feet deep and it is cicular with a diameter of 24 feet then you have approx. 13,553 gallons of water. If it is 3 feet deep then you have approx. 10,152 gallons of water.

How large of a container do you need to hold 1136 gallons?

My swimming pool holds 1250 gallons. It is 12 feet diameter and 3 feet deep.

How many gallons of water are in a cylinder measuring 24 feet x 3 inches deep?

846 gallons of water for a cylinder 24 feet in diameter and three inches deep/long.

How many gallons in a 14 foot diameter by 3.5 feet deep circular pool?

The pool will hold 4,047.4 gallons of water.

How many gallons are requie to fill a 19 inch diameter hole that is 1700 feet deep?

Approx 642665 US gallons.

What does 1 million gallons look like?

1,000,000 US gallons is about 134,000 cubic feet. A round tank of 56 feet diameter by 56 feet high will hold 1 million US gallons. Also a round pond of about 413 feet diameter by 1 foot deep.

If you have something 9 feet deep and 3 feet in diameter how many gallons will it take to fill this item?

The volume of this container is found by (PI/4)*(D2)*(DEPTH) or 63.62 ft3 There are approximately 7.48 gallons in 1 cubic foot so the answer would be 475.9 gallons.

Howamy gallons in a 4 foot diametre 8foot deep slinder?

You can fit 752.32 gallons of fluid in a cylinder that measures 4 feet in diameter and 8 feet in depth.

How many gallons of water are in a pool 18 feet in diameter and 52 inches deep?

Depends on the shape of the pool.

How many gallons of water in a well that is 3 feet round and 4 feet deep?

"3 feet round" is not clearly defined: is that the radius, the diameter, or the circumference?

How many gallons of water needed to fill a pool 25 Ft Diameter and 4 feet deep?

Diameter X Diameter X Depth X 5.9 = number of gallons 25 X 25 X 4 X 5.9 = 14750 gallons

How many gallons of water in a well 3 foot diameter and 18 feet deep?

Filled to the top, this well would hold about 956 gallons of water.

How many gallons of water in a well that's 140 feet deep?

Cannot be answered without knowing the diameter of the well.

How many gallons of water will it take to fill a 4 feet deep and 5 feet in diameter?

587.5 US gallons Volume of a cylinder = PI * height * radius * radius 3.14159 * 4 * 2.5 * 2.5 = 78.5398 cubic feet 78.5398 (cubic feet) = 587.5185 US gallons

How many gallon in a swimming pool that is 6 foot in diameter that is 12 inches deep?

One foot of water in a round pool with a diameter of six feet is about 211½ gallons.

How many gallons of water are in a circular water storage tank 24 ft diameter when water is 6 feet deep?

20,304 gallons. I used on online volume calculator to get this answer.

How many gallons of water does a 18 feet round 3 feet deep swimming pool hold?

Assuming it is filled to the top, an 18 foot diameter, 3 foot deep pool holds 5,711 gallons. Take the radius in feet (half the diameter), square it, multiply by pi (3.1416) to get area in square feet. Area times depth in feet gives you cubic feet. Cubic feet times 7.481 (gallons per cubic foot) gives you gallons. So: 9^2 (81) times 3.1416 times 3 times 7.481 = 5711.06

How many gallons of water in a pool 3 feet deep and ten feet diameter?

Assuming the pool is exactly circular... volume of pool = (pi x 5sq) x 3ft =235.619 cubic feet hence... 235.619 cubic feet = 1762.552 gallons (US) or 1467.631 gallons (UK)

How much sand to fill a cylinder 30 inches in diameter by 72 inches deep?

29.45 cubic feet or 183.45 US gallons.