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If you have spare fuses but they are not together how can you run a new 240V line?


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2011-09-12 22:01:48
2011-09-12 22:01:48

Move things around until you have space for a double-pole breaker, which is required for 240V. Don't be stupid and connect 2 separate breakers in non-adjacent positions. It might work, and then again it might fry something too.


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You can use a phase converter to make a 240V single phase line into 415V 3 phase line. Just use a rotary phase converter. It is cost effective.

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The breaker feeding the line will trip or if it is a fused circuit the line fuse will blow open. In regards to fuses protecting the line sometimes two line fuses will blow.

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For the USA its 240V (120V on each line/phase).

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Because they are "in-phase". In order to get 240v, you need two 120v Alternating Current lines that are 180° out of phase, that is, opposite phases. Only when one line is +120v and the other -120v will you see 240v between the wires.

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