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Move things around until you have space for a double-pole breaker, which is required for 240V. Don't be stupid and connect 2 separate breakers in non-adjacent positions. It might work, and then again it might fry something too.

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Q: If you have spare fuses but they are not together how can you run a new 240V line?
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Originally a 240V line running from the 50A circuit to a box contaning in line fuses from this box came a 240V cable having 2 black wires and wire braid do I wire the outlet stove as a 3 or 4 prong?

3 prong the 2 black wires are your hot and the braided is your neutral.

How do you make a 240V single phase line into 415V 3 phase line?

You can use a phase converter to make a 240V single phase line into 415V 3 phase line. Just use a rotary phase converter. It is cost effective.

What will happen if phase and neutral get reversed in power line and what action we have to take against it?

The breaker feeding the line will trip or if it is a fused circuit the line fuse will blow open. In regards to fuses protecting the line sometimes two line fuses will blow.

Why are you not getting 240v between the two hot wires?

Because they are "in-phase". In order to get 240v, you need two 120v Alternating Current lines that are 180° out of phase, that is, opposite phases. Only when one line is +120v and the other -120v will you see 240v between the wires.

What voltage are electrical lines coming into a house?

For the USA its 240V (120V on each line/phase).

How can you get 240V single phase power from a 240V 3 phase service Can you just connect to two poles of the 240V 3 phase service?

I'm sure this isn't what you want to hear, but you probably need to ask an electrician familiar with your service and what you want to connect. As a general answer, you can connect a 240v line to line resistive load like an electric water heater to any 240v source. If you also need the 240v to have 120v line to neutral, like a 240v electric stove that contains a 120v clock and oven light, then its possible if the 3 phase power is connected in a "high delta" configuration, and you connect to the correct leads. If you have a high delta service and want to ignore the 3-phase power service and wire most or all of the loads in the building as a single phase load, the utility may have to be consulted.

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Where can you buy spare parts for geore foreman sandwich grill?

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Which appliances require a 240V line?

Answer for UK, Europe and countries running a 50 Hz supply service.There are quite a few appliances that use a 240V line. Air conditioners, fridges, washers and dryers all use the 240V line.Answer for Canada, USA and countries running a 60 Hz supply service.In North America only the larger appliances use 240 volts. The hot water tank, stove, range top, baseboard heating and clothes dryer are the main appliances that use the higher voltage.

What is the normal voltage of house electricity in the US?

The voltage in North America can be as low as 110 and as high as 125 volts. The average is about 115 to 117 volts. <><><>><> House voltage in the US is generally 120v line to neutral and 240v line to line. It is referred to as a "120/240v single phase service." Actual voltage can be as low as 110/220 or as high as 125/250.

How can you convert a 120V box to 240V for AC?

It can't be "converted", you have to run a 220 line and have a 220 breaker and plug installed.

How can you plug 2000 watts 240v into a 120v 20 amp breaker with out replacing your breaker and all the plugs on the line?

You can't.

Can you run a 240V 30A spa on the same 240V line as the air condenser and an electrician said it's ok if he upgrades the fuse?

I would recommend a separate 220V line with ground default capabilities because the spa has water in it. This is safer and most professional installations include a single separate line. A spa will draw more amperage because of the heating element (if electric heat).

Can you connect a 240v fan motor to 2 phases of a 240v 3 phase supply?

In North America, you can connect a 240-V load across two lines (not 'phases') of a three-phase system with a 240-V line voltage. In Europe, you would need to connect the load between any one line conductor and the neutral conductor.

Why neutral is important in three phase system?

Answer for countries in Europe and other world areas running a 50 Hz supply service.By neutral I'll assume you mean the wire with 0V on it.This is needed to get 240V out of the supply. Connect your voltmeter between either Line 1, Line 2 or Line 3 and the 0V and you will get a fluctuating +240V to -240V.If you only want 415V, then you connect your voltmeter between two of the live phases and you will get a fluctuating +415V to - 415V. The 0V wire is not used in this case, effectively one of the phases becomes the "neutral".See related links below.

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Where are radio fuses located on Mitsubishi Galant 02?

The 2002 Mitsubishi Gallant radio has two fuses. There will be an in-line fuse behind the radio. There will be a radio fuse in the fuse box.

How did the ancient Chinese landmines work?

a small bomb was hidden undergound (obviously) but somebody stepped on a tripwire that tripwire pulled circular stones together creating sparks lighing a line of fuses exploding the mine :D

Where are the fuses located in electric clothes dryer?

On blower assemble and on internal vent line from the back

Where is the in line fuse for 2007 dodge charger?

Fuses are in either the under hood or trunk fuse boxes.

Can the Mac book Pro operate on English 220V electricity?

There will be no problems as the Mac laptops are designed to work internationally with a line voltage ranging from 100V to 240V.

The output voltage between phases of ac 3 phase supply is 240V?

No, this voltage appears ACROSS individual phases, or BETWEEN a line conductor and the neutral

What might be wrong if your furnace dryer water heater and well are on a 240V and they all have juice but nothing will turn on?

Check voltage on top side of breaker each leg to ground should read 110 if not check main fuses on incoming side to be sure 220 is present,then check secondary side of fuses 220 line to line 110 from line to ground.I think you will find that one leg is open. Did you use a 1 inch double breaker by chance.You need to use regular double pole breakers so you get volts from both phases,The skinny double breakers are the same width as a single 1 inch breaker but they are running off one phase and that would cause your problem.

1997 jetta blowing fuel pump fuses?

you have a short in the electrical line to the fuel pump somewhere stop replacing the fuses and fix it or risk a major fire/ explosion or don't see if i care

What process is involved for installing a 240V line in a house that needs to run about 35 feet for baseboard heating.?

It would be best to call a qualified electrician to install the wiring.