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if a guy cums on his hands then wipes if off with a towel and then fingers the girl like 10 minutes later can she get pregnant?

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โˆ™ 2010-11-27 04:40:33
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Q: If you have sperm on your hands and them wipe them off can you finger a girl without getting her pregnant?
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What are the chances of a girl getting pregnant from if you got a little bit of sperm on your finger and wiped it clean with a rag and then fingered her?

There is a slight chance you could get her pregnant unless you wash your hands before you finger her

Why do your thumb and fore finger on both hands twitch without pain?

a thumb is not a finger

Plz help im panicing if she will get pregnant i might have gotten sperm on my index finger i washed my hands 3 times and hand sanitised 2 then fingered her with my middel finger can she get pregnant?

I don't think that she would get pregnant because you got sperm on your index and not middle finger which you fingered her with. And if you cleaned your hands that many times then sperm still shouldn't be on your finger

Can you get pregnant from you own hands without semen on them?

no you can't

Can my boyfriend finger you while im pregnant?

yes, but make sure his hands are clean to begin with.

Can you get a girl pregnant if you finger her while having alittle bit of semem on hands?

It's possible.

Can you get a girl pregnant if you get semen on your hands and wipe most of it off and then finger a girl?

if there is any sperm left on your hand then yes you can potentially get her pregnant.

Can you get pregnant by fingering with clean hands?

To get pregnant you need a male sperm getting into the vagina. If there was semen on the hands, but the hands have been washed, then any sperm is gone. You can't get pregnant by fingering yourself. You have to have a male sperm.

Is their a difference in men hands and women's hands?

In men's hands, the ring finger is taller than the index finger. In women, the index finger is taller than ring finger.

Can you get pregnant if a guy touch your vagian if he just puts he hands down your pants and touch it for a few?

No by doing that there is no chance of you getting pregnant .

What is the chance of getting pregnant if the reproductive organs were made to touched?

If there was semen on the hands, there is a small chance.

Your boyfriend washed off his semen then wiped it off his hands then he fingered you and he said his hands were still sticky what are the chances of getting pregnant?

One semen hits the air, it dies. So your definitely not pregnant.

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