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There are different types of discharge that women have during their menstrual cycle the discharge changes when ovulation is about to occur and when it does occur, as long as you haven't had any itching, or offensive odor with this discharge and there's no reason for you to think that you could have an STD then relax Good Luck and God Bless!!!

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Q: If you have sticky clearish stuff on your underwear and you haven't had your period yet does that mean you're going to get it soon?
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Will you start your period if you have clearish sticky stuff in your underwear?

Yes you will be starting your period I've got that stuff and im on my period

You have this clearish stuff in your underwear and you havent gotten your period yet but you have itching sometimes what does that mean?

if it looks like clear sticky slime calm down its normal its ur bodys way of telling you that you are ovulating.. and a few days after that you will get your period :)

When you get the clearish sticky stuff how long will you be away from your period?

If the clearish sticky stuff is fertile quality cervical mucus, this occurs from around a week before ovulation. Ovulation typically occurs two weeks before menstruation.

Why do girls even have to wear underwear?

girls have to wear underwear for certain reasons that im not explaining

What sperm count is considered a low count?

High count sperm is very sticky almost like glue maybe a little less, but low count would be more clearish and less sticky.

What is the colour of a woman's vaginal fluid?

Answerit is clearish or white-ish, Almost like a mans.clear actually, its basically sticky waterWhite

Is it normal for sticky yellow stuff to come out on your underwear after you humped someone?


Is it normal to have yellow sticky stuff in your underwear after you humped someone?

no prbably not

If you have not had your period yet two days ago you have brown sticky discharge in your underwear and had it again today is everything all right?

oh dear,. you have a very high risk of TB

What does it mean of your period is brown and sticky?

it means that your period is about to be over soon

Does the sticky stuff on your underpants mean you will get your period soon?

No that "sticky stuff" is just a vaginal fluid that occurs naturally and it has nothing to do with your period. I hope this helps

What is a linearizer?

i don't know what a linearizer is but i do know what a panty liner is! it is a piece of sticky fabric used to save your underwear from being overflowed by the Red Sea ;) if you know what i mean! your underwear and public embarassment will thank me later! YOUR WELCOME!

Does the white sticky liquid that comes out of your vagina means that your period is coming soon?

Yes it does! This is actually part of your period!

How do you know if you are having discharge?

It is a white somewhat sticky substance that comes out of your vagina. And sticks to the underwear. If that's what you are getting you can be rest assured it's harmless

How do you use sanitary towel?

Step 1: Take sanitary pad out of the wrapperStep 2: Place sanitary pad, sticky side down, in your underwear.Step 3: Pull up underwearChange pad every few hours.

When you have sticky stuff in your underwear does it mean you started your period? might start your period soon if you have shoulder pains, loss or earned hunger, abdomen pains, leg pains, mood swings, or the feeling of heavy ness in the upper leg.The period tends to start one to two years after starting developing in breasts or pubic hair. but that doesn't always happen. I hope this helps!The sticky stuff is just vaginal discharge which is perfectly normal before the onset of periods. (Normal provided it doesn't have a particularly strong/fishy odour and is colourless to white and not yellowish or greenish)

What does it mean if you have you got discharge in your underwear and your panties are wet?

well if you start getting sticky, think may mean you are about to start your period! better hurry and buy some tampons! or pads...wat evz :)) every woman gets this so dont feel weird or uncomfortable :))) its all kewl

What is the white sticky stuff that comes from a it a problem?

no it means you r going to have a period soon

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I read in Readers Digest a long time ago that it was a Native American saying about snow conditions but I remember it as "sticky no sticky no sticky sticky". And meaning if the snow is sticky and can be made into a snowball it won't be around long, and if it is not sticky, not able to be made into a snowball, it will be around for awhile.

Sugar is to sweet as glue is to?


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Yes gelatin is sticky

Could you still be pregnant if you missed a whole month then a week and a day later started your period which has clear sticky fluids?

Then why did I miss my whole month then almost a week and a half later start my period with sticky clear fluids. I have been having pregnancy symptoms and my stomach has gotten somewhat larger.

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