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If you stopped leaking and then suddenly started leaking again, that is a possible sign of pregnancy. But if you have never stopped leaking, then it's probably that you just haven't "dried up" yet. It takes some women longer than others.

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Q: If you have stopped breast feeding for more than a year but are still leaking could that be a sign of pregnancy?
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If you have stopped breast feeding for more than a year but are just recently leaking could that be a sign of pregnancy?

Yes, leaking colostrum in early pregnancy has been reported.

When does your breast start leaking during pregnancy?

when does tour breast start leaking during pregnancy?

Your breasts started leaking colostrum a week ago 8 months after giving up breast feeding Could this be a sign of pregnancy or can milk just return at any time after breast feeding?

My breast leaked over a year after I had my children.My doctor said it was normal.

Is it a sign of pregnancy if your body starts leaking breast milk when you have a three-year-old?

I have a 19 month old that I stopped feeding at 10 months. I just started leaking a bit of milk last week and just today I found out that I'm pregnant. Yes it could be a sign of pregnancy or a nipple infection. See your doctor and do a test.

Is leaking breast milk a sign of pregnancy?

It can be, but its not always the reason for it.

You are 69 and have leaking breast why?

Mine was due to a vitamin D deficiency. Once I got my vitamin D level to 50 my breast stopped leaking.

Will you have your period while breast feeding?

98% of breat feeding women's menstrual cycles are stopped.

Are leaking breast signs of a pregnancy?

Yes. A sign of later pregnant

When will your breasts get bigger because of pregnancy?

Yes, your breast will get bigger after pregnancy and for as long as the mamary glands are actively usd for breast feeding. After breast feeding is ended they return to the orignial size.your boobs get bigger in around the 3rd month

Can breast feeding a child help in not allowing pregnancy?

Breast feeding does help suppress ovation. However, it is far from a sure way to prevent pregnancy. Until you stop breast feeding it is best to continue to use contraception in some form other than the pill such as condoms or the diaphragm.

When a pregnant women starts having milk in her breast?

as early in your 8th month pregnancy milk will starts leaking in your breast .

I am not breast feeding but my breasts are still leaking how long will it last I had my baby in October?

Your doctor can give you something to dry up your breast milk.

Does it benefit a woman to keep milk up after child has stopped breast feeding?

Not really.

Can breastfeeding avoid pregnancy?

Breast-feeding and only breast-feeding does prevent the egg formation. Once you begin to introduce bottled milk or foods, the ovaries will produce eggs.

Do breasts get bigger while breast feeding?

Yes, they are bigger "while" breast feeding, but mine went back to regular size when I stopped. Good luck maybe you'll be different.

Can you get mastitis when you have stopped breast feeding?

In my opinion (mother of two breastfed children) you can. If you have stopped breast feeding, the milk production in your breasts continued can result in accumulating milk causing mastitis. As a precaution you can pump out the excess milk but in small dosage so that breast stop producing milk by themselves.

Is there medication to give mothers who produce breast milk even after they have stopped breast feeding for several years?

send it to me with pictures and you email

Why do your breasts get bigger during pregnancy?

The breasts are preparing to produce milk for breast feeding.

Can my breast get big breast feeding?

i need big breast One of the "side benefits" of breast feeding is that the nursing mother will see her breasts grow by one or two cup sizes. Short of surgery, breast feeding is the only means available where a woman can have real growth in her breasts. Of course, the down side is that the size increase derived from breast feeding will go away once breast feeding is stopped. So, nurse long and hard and enjoy your new found cleavage!

Could you be pregnant if you have an iud and you have leaking breasts?

It's possible, but leaking breasts aren't the first sign of pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test, and contact your health care provider for a breast exam.

Is leaking breastmilk after stopping nursing for 6 months an early sign of pregnancy?

Please clarify. Have you been nursing for six months and just stopped, or did you stop 6 months ago? Either way I don't think it is a sign of pregnancy. Many women leak milk for years after stopping breast-feeding, especially when washing their breasts in a hot bath/shower or during love-making.

Can you start breast feeding after you've stopped?

No, once you have stopped your milk will dry up pretty quickly. Even skipping a day or two without feeding or pumping you will notice a change in supply.

List three ways hiv can spread?

Blood transfusion, Sex, pregnancy, breast feeding.

How can you get a breast feeding sensation?

Normally only experienced during pregnancy or directly after the birth of a child.

You are not leaking breast milk with this baby but you did with your first Should you be concerned?

Each pregnancy is different. There is nothing to be worried about.