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Go to the DMV and ask

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Q: If you have the registered owner's name and previous address for an abandoned vehicle how do you find out who the lienholder is if any?
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How do you find out if a title has a lien?

The name and address of the lienholder will be on the title under the name of the owner.

Where is lienholder address for fifth third bank?

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How do you Sell a vehicle that you are financing?

If you are financing the sale, you would list your name and address on the title as Lienholder or Secured Party.

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One can apply for title of a boat if abandonment can be proven and documentation of attempted contact of the registered owner. Apparently no laws address the disposal of abandoned or neglected vessels in NC.?

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If you get in an accident and your car is registered to an address can the owner of the address be sued as well?

Cars are not registered to addresses; they are registered to individuals who reside at addresses. While it is possible that the person living at the address may have a lawsuit filed against them, if their only connection to the case is a mistaken address of the car owner, they have absolutely no liability whatsoever and the lawsuit will be summarily dismissed.

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If your car is registered in England can you get its mot done in Northern Ireland?

No - you must have the car registered at a Northern Ireland address.

Is it legal to have a vehicle registered and insured at your grandparents home address?

As long as it is where the registered owner of the vehicle legally resides it is legal.

What if the customer has moved from the address they gave their lienholder but the bank keeps calling and coming by anyway?

This is not your responsibility and they are infringing on your privacy. Write a letter to Management of the Institution and send it Registered Mail. By Registering the letter someone has to sign for it, and this is proof that you actually sent the letter and explained the circumstances. You could say something like this: Dear Sir: I have repeatedly informed you that the previous renter (owner) at my address _________________no longer lives here and has left no forwarding address, yet you continue to harass me with phone calls and coming by my home. This problem has nothing to do with me and you are infringing on my rights and privacy. If this continues you will be hearing from my lawyer." Sincerely _________________ Keep in clean, to the point. That will get them every time! Good luck Marcy

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Dl 7ch 4289

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Usually you must send a notice to the tenant at his LAST KNOWN ADDRESS. If he abandoned the property he probably hasn't given his new address. So you send the notice to his old address and the notice will either be forwarded to his new address or it will be returned to you.

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