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If you have this girl you like but she likes you as a friend what do you do?


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September 12, 2011 11:25PM

accept it, or you could show here that you can be more then just a friend, like carry her stuff for you or help her with other things. trust me i should now ima girl. and that's how i would tell if someone wanted to be more then just a friend. ;)

But from my experiences (being a guy) the girl just thought I was a really nice guy. I did favors for her, hung out with her, and talked to her. Somehow, she didn't take the hint. Best way is to tell her. If it doesn't work out, oh well. She most likely won't out right reject you and never talk to you again.

Don't stay trapped in the friend zone, the situation only deteriorates.

Dude right now im in the same situation as you but ive asked her twice and she has said no both times and idk what to do because she said that she just wants to be really good friends, what do i do?

You see, two years back I was in that situation. Each time I told her how I felt she just nervously laughed and changed the topic. I feel like this is the signal that she doesn't/never will have the same feelings for you. I'm still blindly in love with this girl years past, so my advice: be friends with her. Don't worry about being WITH her, just be there FOR her. If you don't move on your feelings will consume you.

Also some girl should validate her code, because I sure am not an expert on reading women.