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No. I have known plenty of women that have had DNC's and have many kids now. NO! I had 2 of them and I had 2 more kids afterwards. No.

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What are chances of getting pregnant after a miscarriage?

A miscarriage should not prevent you from becoming pregnant again.

After aborting twins what are the chances of becoming pregnant with twins again?

People who have had twins stand a better chance "statisticaly" of having twin again then those that did not have twins.

What are chances of getting pregnant after a missed miscarriage?

There shouldn't be a problem to get pregnant again.

What are the chances of getting pregnant a week before i got my period again?

The chances are very good

Can you get pregnant if you have pid again?

Chances of pregnancy decrease if you get another bacterial infection.

What should i do if i had a miscarriage?

Visit your gynecologist so that they can examine you. If you don't, you risk developing a uteran infection which can complicate your chances of ever becoming pregnant again and can cause serious other troubles with your reproductive system

Are your chances high of becoming pregnant again if you just had your 3rd baby 5 months ago and were on the shot 1 time and off for 2 months and you and your husband had sex and he didn't pull out?

yes there is a chance of pregnancy.

Are the chances of getting pregnant again higher or lower following the birth?

Hello. After giving birth, for a week or two the chances of conceiving are higher.

If you had your tubes clipped tied and burned in 2001 what are your chances of getting pregnant again?

0%. Sorry.

How long should I wait to get pregnant after placental abruption?

You should check with your Dr before becoming pregnant again. You are at a higher risk for it happening again if you've experienced it once.

Your boyfriend ejaculated inside you 2 days after your period then again 13 days after that and then again 2 days after that what are your chances of being pregnant?

If you are having unprotected sex, your chance of becoming is high. The only way that is 100% sure is abstinence.Barring that, using a condom is above 95%

What are the chances of becoming pregnant again at forty years old and have a four and a half month old baby?

Zero. Even if you delivered on January 2nd (while 40), after 4.5 months there would only be 7.5 months left in the year. This is not enough time to become pregnant again and to have another 4.5 month old child before you turn 41.

What are your chances of a healthy pregnancy after a tubal pregnancy 2 years ago?

If you have had a tubal ligation and you want to become pregnant, it may happen, but you'll have better chances if you have a surgical procedure to reverse the tubal ligation. There is no guarantee that you'll experience success after a reversal, but the ability to reverse a tubal ligation is there and it will dramatically increase your chances of becoming pregnant again. Here is a website related to your question. HTH.

What are the chances of getting pregnant while nursing and using a condom?

Nursing a baby does not prevent ovulation. Condoms are also not foolproof. So there is a chance of becoming pregnant. In fact, many mothers end up getting pregnant within a year after giving birth. So, once again, the only absolute pregnancy prevention is to refrain from intercourse.

When you miss a pill and the chances of becoming pregnant increases what should you then do to become protected again and how long will it take?

When you miss a pill take the next pill as soon as you remember and continue taking them as normal. However you will need to use a condom for seven days.

What are my chances of getting pregnant once off birth control?

Once you body begins ovulating again which can take anything from 2-6 weeks you can become pregnant.

I have stopped taking the pill what are the chances of becoming pregnant?

It is quite possible for it to happen right away or it may take a while for others. It really just depends upon how long it takes your body to begin ovulating and regain it's normal cycle again.

Did anyone get pregnant more than once after having there tubes tied?

Having your tubes tied is not entirely effective, if you've gotten pregnant once with them tied chances are you can again.

Could you be pregnant again if you had your tubes tied in 2002 and 3 months later you were pregnant and you had your baby c section and they said they cut off a little more of your tubes?

Hello. The chances of pregnancy would be low but yes because of your past history you could become pregnant again.

The condom slipped once inside her and she took plan B... four days later the condom slipped inside her again ...what are the chances of her getting pregnant?

You don't want to know the chances of her being pregnant. You want to know if she is pregnant. An old stats teacher told the joke: "All chances are 50-50. Either an even will happen, or it won't. " The chances of her being pregnant is a meaningless idea. Have her take an otc test, or take a trip to her doctor, or wait a few weeks.

Hi im 17 and i have a 1year old and around 6 wks ago i had protected sex after i gave him oral sex and he cummed in my mouth but i was wondering about my chances of being pregnant again?

there is no way you can get pregnant again if ur boyfriends cums n your mouth

What are the chances of getting pregnant if during sex the male pulls out then cums and wipes his penis and then you have sex again?

The chances are fairly high as the sperm would still be alive on his penis. You can also get pregnant from the withdrawel method as there is "premo" which is sperm that comes out of the penis during sex BEFORE ejaculation.

Is Jennifer Hudson pregnant again?

No, she is not pregnant again. She is pregnant as of Feb 12 she did announce that she is pregnant with her second child.

Chances of getting pregnant a week after miscarriage?

Yes but I think the doctors say that you need to wait like three months before you try again!

Do you have more chances of getting pregnant off pre-ejaculate while obvulating?

Yes, there is always a increased chance of getting pregnant when ovulating. When you don't ovulate there is no egg so you can't get pregnant although a orgasm can make you ovulate again.