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If you have tummy pains are you pregnant?

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Or gas, indigestion, intestinal flu... who knows. If you want to know, ask your doctor.

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Sharp pains in tummy can i be pregnant?

Well its possible, or you have a really bad stomachache

How far on can you be before you have any symptoms of being pregnant?

i got bad back ache and pains in my tummy

Is it possible you are pregnant because you got your period 2 weeks early and have been having tummy pains?

Yes it is.

What if im not pregnant but you feel nauseated and im having pains in your uterus?

i dont know if i am pregnant but i think i am .. when someone pushes on my tummy it hurts whats going on ?

Do you get sharp pains when your pregnant?

Yes you will get sharp pains when you are pregnant.

How do you stop gas pains when pregnant?

If your not to far along lay on your tummy that always seems to work when im at home. But besides that i am wondering the same question

What does it mean if you have pains in your tummy all the time?

Probably appendicitis

Can pre-ejaculate make you pregnant and what about vomiting and having a tummy bug on you favourite food drink a lot of water getting tummy pains at night and that happen 14days after my period?

Yes, pre-cum can make you pregnant. It still contains sperm. The "pull out" (rhythm) method of birth control is best used in conjunction with another form such as the pill, condoms, or spermicide. Your "tummy pains" can be anything from your body reacting to becoming sexually active, the flu, or your own worry making you sick.

Why is stomach heavy with pains below the tummy?

If you're a Female its cramps.

Why have i got bad wind and tummy pains?

cuz ur FAT!

Does a pregnant guinea pig's tummy get hard and round?

If a guinea pig is pregnant then her tummy will take on a pear shape. So yes, I think she is pregnant congrats!

Can i be pregnant if your tummy is not hard?


Does your tummy get harder when you are pregnant?


Your tummy is swollen have nausea can you be pregnant?

Yes you are very much pregnant.

How do you tell if a sheep is pregnant?

look at its tummy

Does touching your tummy hurt when you're pregnant?


When you are pregnant is it true that your tummy hardens?

Your tummy will start to harden about 5 months into the pregnancy, not before.

If under my tummy is feeling i pregnant?

if your tummy feels bloated, then that is a symptom of pregnancy.

Can people die with tummy pains?

People can die with pain, yes. If you meant, "Can people die from tummy pains", then that's slightly more complex. Pain is a symptom of a larger problem. Likely, you would not be dying from the pain itself but from the problem causing the pain. There are many many conditions that can cause stomach pains.

Is running tummy one of the signs of been pregnant?


If you have period pains can you still get pregnant?


Is it normal to have stabbing pains in your abdomen when pregnant?


What causes back pains and sharp pains in the stomach?

your pregnant. Hello, Does not mean your pregnant, could be a number of things. Go to the doctor and good luck.

You had sharp pain in left side off tummy then had a period?

It was probably ovulation pains, I get them pretty often

Can you be 4 weeks' pregnant and have stomach pains?

Yes. But stomach pains need investigating.

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