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If you have two autos that carry full coverage do you have to add your husband to this policy?


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2015-07-16 19:29:56
2015-07-16 19:29:56

If you want your husband to be insured Yes. If you do not then there will be no coverage when he has an accident. He could also be ticketed for driving without insurance.

You should, particularly if he has any access at all to the vehicles and/or drives them, even on an occasional basis.

The reason behind this is that you pay a premium for the drivers in your household. If you're paying a premium for only yourself, and your husband uses the vehicles, you're not allowing the insurance company to rate you correctly. This could be called misrepresentation, particularly if your carrier has asked you to give them information on all the drivers in your household.

But...if your husband has a good driving record, and is free of accidents, you probably won't see much of a rate change, if any at all. If he has a bad record, you might want to consider having him made an excluded driver on your policy. That way, you're square with the insurance company and your rates won't reflect his record. But beware: An excluded driver means just that, and if he ever drives one of your vehicles and has an accident, there is absolutely no coverage. You can imagine what this can do to your finances if you're not careful.


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