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Hey there, generally speaking, yes. If the eggs are attached to the glass or plants and the other cleaner fish gets to it, they will be gone. Ive had this happen to me once before. But u might be lucky and score a couple out of it. Hope this helps. catch! So maybe you should flush your tank cleaner fish down the toilet for being a bad fishy.

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โˆ™ 2007-12-06 23:58:42
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Q: If you have two comet goldfish and one is pregnant will your tank cleaner fish eat her eggs?
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How long do goldfish stay pregnant?

Goldfish lay eggs and the eggs are fertilised outside the body. So Goldfish don't get pregnant.

Do Comet Goldfish lay eggs?

Comets are simply a long tailed goldfish. They are egg layers.

How long is a goldfish pregnancy?

Goldfish lay eggs they don't get pregnant.

How many eggs do comet fish lay?

Comet goldfish usually lay between 500-5,000 eggs. The reason why they lay so many is because goldfish eggs, and fry, have high mortality rates. Having so many eggs ensures that at least some of the goldfish fry will reach adulthood.

How long are goldfish pregnant?

Goldfish do not get pregnant. When the time comes, the female lays eggs, in the male fertilizes them.

How long is a goldfish pregnant?

Goldfish do not have a gestation period because the reproduction of goldfish does not, at any point, involve pregnancy. Goldfish lay their unfertilized eggs which are then fertilized by nearby male goldfish. The fertilized eggs then develop and hatch into fry which then grow into baby fish. Goldfish do not BECOME pregnant. They lay eggs and the male goldfish fertilizes them

Why is your comet goldfish laying eggs on the bottom of the tank?

because it cannot get out to lay them in the corner

How old does your goldfish have to be to be pregnant?

between the age of 1-3 years is when goldfish are fertile, however goldfish lay eggs that are unfertilized so they are never truly pregnant.

If you have two goldfish and one is pregnant will the other goldfish eat the eggs?

Either goldfish may eat the eggs. The best thing to do is to put the eggs in another tank and wait for them to hatch before reintroducing them.

How will you know if your fantail goldfish is pregnant?

Female Fantail goldfish can not get pregnant they lay/scatter eggs when they are chased by males . So you have nothing to worry about.

What should you do if your goldfish is pregnant and you have a small tank?

Goldfish are not livebearers so they are never truly pregnant. If you think your goldfish is pregnant than she is just getting ready to spawn by becoming full of eggs. Unless there is a male goldfish present the eggs will be unfertilized and will not hatch into baby goldfish fry. Your female goldfish will soon lay her eggs, and if no further action is taken, she will then eat them. As for the small tank, I would really recommend moving her into a bigger one.

When your goldfish is pregnant how long does it take for your goldfish to have the baby?

Goldfish can not get pregnant. They are egg layers. The female sprays thousands of eggs into the water in the breeding season (spring) and the eggs are fertilised by the males after they have been sprayed out. The eggs then take a few days to develop into baby fish (fry).

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