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yes make both mice live in two separate cages till they get use to each other then introduce in a contained area with tubes and boxes. then they can back away and start the interaction on their own.

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How long can a mouse live up to?

a mouse can live up too 5 years and past away then.

What are some examples of a humane mouse trap?

The most humane mouse traps are Live Catch traps. These are boxes that automatically close after the mouse has entered, simply trapping the mouse in until it can be released in another location.

Can a mouse and a hamster live together?

sometimes but they have to get used to each other first

What was done in the experiment of photosynthesis done by Joseph Priestley?

Putting a mouse in a jar with a plant , then taking the plant out to see if it affected the mouse and of course it did.The mouse was able to live in the inclosed jar as long as the plant was there but when the plant was takin away the mouse died.

Where does mouse live?

Mickey mouse lives in my TV.

Should mice live alone?

No mice Are very social creatures, they should always be kept with another mouse

What kinds of mice live in Minnesota?

There are many varieties of mice that live in Minnesota. Some of them are:western harvest mousedeer mousewhite-footed mousehusky deer mousenorthern grasshopper mousehouse mousemeadow jumping mousewoodland jumping mouseplains pocket mouse (very rare)

What does a pet mouse need to live in?

A pet mouse would live in a cage like a hamster cage.

Do mouse live in rainforest?


Is a mouse a reptile?

No a mouse is not a reptile. The mouse is a mammal as it clearly gives birth to live young and does not lay eggs. But you can keep a mouse in a reptile or fish tank and they will live perfectly fine. Hope it helped! :)

Why does the mouse live with the flea?

I am sure the mouse would prefer not to live with fleas. Fleas are common pests and live off the blood of creatures they infest.

What climate does the North American wild mouse live in?

mouse live in good and some what warm places like your basement.

How old can mouse lemurs live up to?

Captive mouse lemurs have been reported to live up to 15 years.

What if the mother mouse is not around Can this mouse live?

yes but it has to be about 16 days old

Where does Mickey Mouse live in programmes?

He lives in the mickey mouse club house

Where does the Grey mouse live?

in a hole

Where does a woodland mouse live?

In the woods.

Does a mouse live in the savanna?


What habitat a mouse live in?


Where do wood mouse live?


Does a mouse live in a forest?

Yes it does

What was the purpose of Griffith's experiment 1 in which he injected a mouse with live S cells?

In Griffith's experiment 1 he injected the mouse with live R cells.It was not till Griffiths experiment 2 did he injest the mouse with live S cells.

Are there mice in Africa?

yes there is, there is the wenice mouse, the mikehawk mice, the penict mouse and the titit mouse that live near africa

How long can a mouse be in a car?

A question answered with a question. Why do you want to keep a mouse in a car? I'm assuming a live mouse.

Where does Minnie Mouse live?

Minnie mouse and mickey mouse lives at Disney land.