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If you have two pet fish do you need a sucking fish so they can live?


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It depends on how often you clean the tank. you dont need a sucker fish if you clean your tank alot. If you dont clean your tank that often then get one. you should talk to your local pet store for more information.


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First you need to say what kind of fish it is. They all need different conditions depending on what species they are

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Some fish live in salty water and some not. Generally having fish that live in salty water costs more money. After buying, one should install a pump, a thermometer and some lights in the aquarium. It's also imperative to feed them with correct food based on what kind of fish they are.

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Anywhere that sells fish. But you should ALWAYS buy fish and other live pets from a pet store instead of a random retail store since pet stores are more attentive to there animals.

it depends on what kind of fish other than that i would ask a pet stor owner

No Not really because it will eat the food the the fish did not eat

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