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If the attorney's office reports to any of the credit reporting agencies, because the have a lic. to do so for collections then yes! but if they do not they most likely will just take you to court for a judgenment . that for sure will go on your credit report

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Q: If you have unpaid hoa fees and receive a collection letter form an attorney does that go on your credit report?
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Bank letter of credit?

A Bad Debt Collection letter is written by the collection or finance company that wishes to receive an outstanding amount from its clients. This letter requests the client to settle the amount quickly. There are a few stages of bad debt collection letter which serve as reminders until harsher actions are taken by the finance company.

What kind of people would receive a collection letter?

The kind of people who would receive a collection letter are the people who are currently in debt. Many people get these letters because many people are in debt.

Recently got a letter from collection agency about unpaid dental bill from year 2000 never got a statement from the dentist?

Contact dentist immediately and see if you can still settle with dentist. If not, see if the collection company will give you a letter removing the late from your credit if you pay now in full. They will show you paid it in full but what you need is a removal letter from your credit if it was reported on your credit. Move quickly for the collection will stay on your credit 7-10 years.

Your credit score is 563 and you just paid off 4 collection charges on your credit report how will that effect your credit score?

Not much other than having the collection marked from unpaid to paid. If you are paying off credit collection companies, negotiate to get a letter from them telling you that the amount you are paying is the balance as agreed and that they will remove it from your credit report. Do not pay until you get that letter. If you pay without doing that, it will stay on your credit report for about 3 years depending on when the collection was first put on your credit report. The fact that you paid it already just says on your credit report that instead of unpaid the collection is marked as paid. If you already paid either repair your credit or get a reputable firm in the BBB who has a money-back guaranteed policy.

Can a collection attorney collect if you sent them a letter to cease and desist and the original creditor sent you an agreement that you agreed to pay?

If you paid according to an agreement and can prove it, the attorney couldbe liable for damages to you for unfair debt collection ro fraud.

How long does a paid collection remain in your credit?

7 to 10 yrs from the time it appeared initially on your credit. Contact original creditor & see if they will help you with a letter saying there was a billing error, send the letter if you can get one to the collection company & have them remove the collection account for it was entered in error. Cry a lot and ask for mercy.

What is a Legal letter to pay back money owed called?

A legal letter to pay back money owed is called a collection letter. It is better to have a collection letter come from a corporation that collects debts or an attorney. However, you can also write one yourself.

What are some types of letter of credit?

Documentary letter of credit, open letter of credit, confirmed letter of credit,unconfirmed letter of credit, revolving letter of credit, fixed letter of credit,transferable letter of credit,nontransferable letter of credit,revocable letter of credit,irrevocable letter of credit,back to back letter of credit.

If you pay a collection agency does the collection come off of your credit report?

Yes you tell the collection agency you will pay ONLY if they can give you a letter that say they will delete the item from your report it's call pay for deletion

Who do you write a letter of dispute to?

You can write a letter of dispute to the collection agencies if that is who listed your credit account wrong. If it is a company, you can write a letter directly to their account or customer service department.

How do you put somebody in to collections?

You can hire a collections agency, or you can collect the debt yourself. You could also hire an attorney to write a collection letter for you.

What is the difference between paying in full and settling in full How will my credit score be affected by each Which is better?

If you are paying a collection company, make sure before you pay anything, that you get a deletion letter. This is a letter stating that if you pay, the entry will be deleted off your credit report. Now, whether you are paying in full or settling, it has the same affect on your credit score--Paid collection or paid P&L or charge-off account. This will remain on your credit for 7 years. This is why it is important that you get a deleting letter. Source: Phil Turner, Credit Bible.

How do I write a Power of Attorney resignation letter?

You should have an attorney make a Power of Attorney resignation letter. If there is no attorney, you will write up a letter expressing your desires and have it notarized.

How is opening letter of credit different from establishing letter of credit?

Both has same meaning, opening letter of credit establishing letter of credit once letter of credit is opened, credit is established.

What is letter of attorney?


What time limit is required for a collection agency to wait before reporting to your credit?

By federal mandate, the credit reporting agency must NOT report you to the credit bureaus until 30 days past the date of the letter sent to you.

What is a letter of collection from a collections law firm?

A collection letter from a la firm is the same as a collection letter from any other debt collection agency. The Supreme Court has held that lawyers that participate in the collection of debts are considered "debt collectors" under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act," and therefore must comply with all of its mandates. That means the correspondence you first receive from them must identify the creditor, the amount of the debt, and advise you of your right to dispute and seek validation ofthe debtwithin the 30 days following the receipt of the letter.

What should you do if you had a cc judgment against you for 6000 and you paid 3000 and three years later a new credit agency has you in court wanting 8000 and says you only paid 200?

No credit agency will sue you. I believe you mean collection agency. Send the collection people a Cease and Desist letter (google "fair credit act cease desist). Then get a free credit report (your right!!)(the score doesn't matter so don't pay to get it). Then dispute the debt w/ the credit bureaus (the dispute letter will be found w/ the Cease and desist letter).

What is a commodities letter of credit?

It is a Letter of Credit covering commodities.

What does pre-selected mean when you are sent an offer letter by a credit card agency?

Be careful on pre-selected. Pre-approved is a firm offer of credit being issued. "Pre-selected to receive the offer" - only means they picked you to receive the ad - NOT that you are approved for anything.

What is trade letter?

A letter of credit is a document issued by a guaranteeing bank on behalf of a buyer. It is aimed at assuring the seller that he will receive payment once delivery conditions have been met.

If the original creditor is not reporting a debt to your credit report but their collection agency is can the original creditor instruct the agency to have the item removed in return for full payment?


When would one receive a debt settlement letter?

One would receive a debt settlement letter online on OVLG's website. OVLG is a company that offers free sample debt settlement and debt validation letters for creditors and credit bureaus.

I filed Sept 19 2008 on Oct 27 2008 you received a letter from a attorney stating that they are to collect for this credit card company that you did list on your bankruptcy can they collect from you.?

Notices and such probably crossed in the mail/processing. All creditors are forbidden from continuing direct collection actions once the BK is filed (without getting specific legal approval). Advise the attorney of the BK filing shortly before his letter date, and he should back off and file a claim with the court.

When a collection agency buys a debt from a credit card company does a new statute of limitations start from the day it was purchased or does the collection agency's statute remain the same?

The statute of limitations starts counting immediately when you made the last payment to either the credit card company or the collection agency. If you ever make a payment to either of them the statute of limitations will start over. If you have not made any payments to the credit card company recently and the credit card company sells the debt to the collection agency, the collection agency's statute of limitations will be from the date that you last paid the credit card company. Furthermore, if the statute of limitations is over and the collection agency continues to keep collecting the debt, you can send them a letter (certified is the preferred method) to stop all contact with you. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), they would be required to stop immediately upon receipt of the letter (unless they are taking legal action in a court then they can send you legal notices only). If they do not stop, you are entitled to collect monetary damages as outlined in the FRCA. This does not stop the collection agency from reporting to your credit report. Your credit reporting falls under a different set of rules which basically removes most collections debts (except for court judgements) after 7-10 years.