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I am not a doctor, but I am a biologist. I do know that secretions from the lining of the vaginal wall and from the cervix are common, and during certain cyclic times, secrete more than other times. If the fluid is clearish with no odor, it is probably fine. However, if their is an odor and the fluid has a tint of color, then you need to go see the doctor.

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Q: If you have vaginal fluid constantly coming out so much that it will make your panties a bit wet is there something wrong?
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What is vaginal squirting?

Basically vaginal juices coming out during an orgasm I'm do it right now

What does it mean if you have an white oderless booger like substance for two months coming out of your vagina?

You have vaginal allergies. you should change your bubble bath or soap that you use to wash yourself with down there. it's kinda like sneezing but the boogers wind up in your panties.

Yellow fluid coming out your vaginal?

might be due to fungal infestion treatment is insert candid vaginal tablets

What is a vaginal wart?

Vaginal warts can be a symptom coming from a sexually transmitted disease , typically from HPV (human papillomavirus).

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What if a girl has a vaginal discharge?

All people with vagina's have vaginal discharge - this is how your vagina stays clean and healthy.Discharge helps clean out bacteria and is acidic to kill harmful bacteria too, and it keeps vaginal tissues lubricated to protect from damage. Your discharge changes throughout your menstrual cycle and you will also see more discharge when aroused as this is one of the changes your body goes through in preparation for sexual intercourse.Watch for unusual discharge - excessive discharge, unusual texture like watery or cottage cheese, unusual colour such as green or grey, bad smell like fish or yeast, or if you have irritation - these symptoms can be a sign of vaginal infection, if you notice these see your doctor.

How do you know if you have vaginal fistula?

I hope you get the chance to read this! You know you have vaginal fistula if you have urine coming out of your vagina. It will need surgery to repair.

What does it mean when you have an odor coming from the vaginal area?

That your vigina smells bad

What does passing vaginal tissue mean?

Passing vaginal tissue means that the tissue around the opening of the vagina is coming out. This could occur during a miscarriage.

What if you have clear stuff coming out of your vaginal are you pregnant?

Absolutely normal.That is cervical mucus, also known as vaginal fluid, and it is normal for it to increase during pregnancy.

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Fishy smelling discharge?

Needs treatment. If this fishy smell is coming from your vaginal, it may mean that you have a bacterial infection. This can also happen without sex. Check with your doctor to see that it is not something serious.

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ddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaa put a lot of soap ttooooooo]wash them?? put bleach on them

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What is the white vaginal discharge?

Its probably your period coming on if you have been having it a lot and after your prod then it may be that you are pregnant .

What is normal spontaneous vaginal delivery?

it means child coming out of vagina. This is the most common process of birth.

What are the symptoms of vaginal coming in contact with strep throat victim?

you get a blue waffle, a cough, or temperature change.

You have reoccurring vaginal bacterial infections and abnormal vaginal cells but have been prescribed metrodonizole about three times but the infection keeps coming back?

It is possible that your partner is passing the trouble to you after you both have sex.

What does vaginal discharge look like after using metronidazole vaginal gel?

Well today is my first day off the vaginal gel and my discharge is green but has a little white I called my gyn's office nurse said it's normal that all of it will be coming out for the next couple days

Why is your vaginal wall swollen after childbirth?

It is from delivering the baby. The vagina stretches while the baby is coming out. But this is only temporary.

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