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If you haven't eaten in four days and have lost five pounds what can you eat without gaining the weight back?

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If you want to eat a burger without gaining weight back, buy it with everything but the bread. You've fasted for four days. (Perhaps you were ill and couldn't eat. A beneficial side effect was a bit of weight loss. If you weren't too thin to begin with, that was the silver lining of your illness.) Now, you wish to keep that weight off. Fine. But how? Put your fork down sooner! You do not have to modify the makeup of your daily diet. Just do not consume as much as you did before your fast. Consume as many calories as you burn and you will maintain your current weight. You may wish to increase your activity. Pick one: walk, run, jog, hike, roller-skate, cycle, swim, play Racquetball, play tennis, play volleyball, go rowing, jump rope, do pilates, belly dance, do calisthenics. (Whatever you choose, check with your doctor, first.) Unless fasting is controlled by a pro it can be dangerous to your health! I disagree with fasting (my own opinion) and feel if an individual eats the proper foods and drinks enough water and exercises everything works just A-OK. There is no need for fasting. The brain needs nourishment from proteins, the heart needs exercise and good eating habits; the kidneys and liver need water to flush out toxins that it filters and the colon needs leafy green vegetables and fruit to keep in clear. Most people don't realize that excess weight (to a degree) can be from not having a proper regiment in diet causing the digestive system to back-up sort of like a sewer and thus not having enough bowel movements to get rid of the wastes in the body. That's why you hear of some young women using X-lax (bad idea!) Put your meals on a smaller plate so it looks like more. Eat more fruits and veggies, some chicken or fish (women only need 3 1/2 ounces of protein per meal), drink 8 - 8 ounce glasses of water and exercise, but don't become an exercise junky!

2013-02-28 14:18:32
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Can you gain muscle mass with weight training without gaining weight?

No that is impossible. You cannot gain muscle mass without ever gaining weight.

How can you make your breasts grow without gaining weight?

No, you can't grow larger breasts without gaining weight all over.

How can you lose weight without gaining stretch marks?

You develop stretch marks from gaining weight, or pregnancy, but not from losing weight.

Can you gain muscle without gaining weight?

It is possible to gain muscle without gaining weight if one loses an equal or greater amount of non-muscle weight (fat, water, toxins).

How do you work out without gaining weight?

By controlling your diet.

Can you eat sweets without gaining weight?

no,you cannot

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Why are your hips getting wider without you gaining weight?

ur a woman.

How long will it take to lose weight after going off birth control pills will it be after i have my period i stopped bc four monthes ago. I'm still gaining weight and i havent had my period yet.?

you might want to get a pregnancy test if you are gaining weight and missing periods. Good luck!

What is the weight of a papillon?

Normal weight range for a papillon is 7 to 10 pounds, but they have been known to weigh up to 16 pounds. Most papillons are very active and not prone to gaining excess weight.

If you are anorexic can you eat a fat free yogurt without gaining weight?


How can you have chubby cheeks without gaining weight?

You have to have a round face. Or try some blush.

If you weight sixty pounds on Earth about how much would you weight on the moon?

About 10 pounds. (Without your space suit.)

How do you gain weight without eating as much?

Some wrestlers, for example, eat certain weight gaining bars to go up in weight class.

If you are gaining weight but losing fat is that ok?

Yes. If you are working out and gaining muscle tone, then it is reasonable that you may gain a little weight (a few pounds) or not lose as much weight as you normally would have if you were just losing "fat" weight. It is good that you are losing fat! In addition, you may be putting on some water weight as your body adjusts. This will go away completely within a few weeks or so. If this is not the case, and you are losing "fat" but still gaining weight, you may want to see a nutritionist or doctor to find out why that would be happening. Absent of that, there is nothing wrong with gaining a few pounds of muscle as you lose fat.

How can you increase your weight safely?

just as if you were to lose weight, gaining is the same process but backwards. in losing weight, you should lose one to two pounds a week, so in gaining, you should gain one to two pounds a week, depending on what you choose. you can increase your diet by 500 calories and if you want to gain weight by muscle mass, you lift weights to gain more muscle mass too. don't think gaining too much weight too fast isn't as bad as losing weight to fast. gaining too fast can result in heart problems especially when you are older. you may not notice them at first, but over a long period of time, they will show. also in gaining and losing weight, doctors suggest not to drink alcohol.

What is the average weight for Italian women?

One study found the average weight of Italian women to be 135 pounds, with younger women being slimmer and women gaining weight as they age.

What is the weight limit for the USMC?

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Does gaining four pounds make somebody look fatter?

It depends. Usually if they're very thin and/or short, then gaining four pounds can be pretty noticeable to most people. But in general, no, that's not enough of a weight difference for you to actually look fatter.

Can you gain muscle without losing weight?

Yes, do to the fact that muscle weighs more than fat. So actually you will be gaining weight.

How can I get a bubble butt without gaining weight everywhere else?

squat thrusts and hip ABductor exercises!

Is there a way to lose breast fat without gaining muscle?

Only by losing weight in general. You can't spot treat fat zones. Cardio will help burn calories without gaining muscle, though.

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Would gaining weight give you the same symptoms as a pregnancy you think you are pregnant have all the symptoms but got a negative result could you just be getting fat?

Are you still getting your period? Gaining weight can make you more tired. It wont make your breast tender unless its alot of weight at once. Like 25 pounds or more in a few weeks. You do not get sick from gaining weight. You dont get swollen ankles from gaining weight, those come after gaining weight. Go to the doctor and take the pregnancy test there because its more accurate than the store one. If your not pregnant they can evaluate the weight gain. It could be something else like thyroid.