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If you haven't heard from your exclusive boyfriend in three days how long should you wait before moving on if you have been together two months?

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December 10, 2009 9:27PM

you're joking, right? you havent heard from him in how long? If you've called him, left messages, no return calls, called his work/place of business, you're sure he isn't out of town or in jail,and he has a phone or a friend with a phone, and he gets a break, he has moved on. He just doesn't want to face you or be the one who does the breaking up. He would much rather you do it.

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To clarify...I have not heard from boy friend in 3 days, my question was how many days of no contact from him constitute that he is no longer interested ? He is working 12 hr. days all this week thru Sunday,here in town, but I don't consider that as an excuse for not calling me.

3, maybe 4 days tops. If you have tried contacting him several time in 3 days its pretty safe to assume its over. With current technology it is hard to go that long without talking to somebody. Even a quick text "Hey, sorry I've been busy, but I will call you Thursday. Can't wait to see you!" is pretty easy to do and lets you know what is going on.