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James, why would you want to drive a car for a year and NOT pay on it?? Are you nuts?? LOL Turn the car in and this will go away. take it to a dealersip and leave it. When they call again, tell them you "saw" it at such and such dealership. Give them the name of the dealership so they can confirm that its there. Simple???

NO they cannot arrest you. This is a civil matter not a criminal matter. If they have no court order then you cannot be arrested for refusing to turn in the car. If you keep the car hidden they then can go to court and get ajudgement on you. Then you must return the car. In that case failing to do so is violating both the civil law (which you cant be arrested for) and the criminal code (contempt of court...in laymens terms not doing what the judge or sherriff tells you to do after they obtained a judgment).

Mark D: ever heard of a "Writ of Replevin"? The sheriff goes after the car or YOU. One or the other. I'm serving one Monday. Wanna watch a truck magically appear?

Ya know, I haven't made a car payment in a year n 4 months either. And I'm glad to say the car is now mine. Thanks to the repo dike who had no clue on the repo laws, and screwed up by committing a Breach of Peace. Now I have made a civil suit against them all. Learn your rights. Because of the repo lady I am now Evan more disabled than I was before and to top it off, the police dept. would not give her the car, they told her to leave.

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What is required for a warrantless arrest?

when a probation officer files a afidavit for a warrant for arrest, and then you go into report. under the knowledge that a warrant WILL be issues in the future, they are allowed to arrest you under a warrantless arrest and hold you until the warrant is issued and bond is set. -jsin

How do you get arrest warrant for stealing?

You can file a report at your local police department.

How do you know if you have a warrant for not reporting to your parole?

When you do report to your parole officer, he'll arrest you.

Can you report anonymously someone who has an arrest warrant to the police?

Absolutely ! If you know information about a crime - you can report it without identifying yourself.

How do you you secure a warrant of arrest?

You, as an individual, can not obtain an arrest warrant. The most you can do is make a report of the offense to the police and, if upon investigation, they determine that the suspect you name is the perpetrator they will either arrest them or THEY will apply for a warrant for their arrest. In some jurisdictions, if you witness an offense you may go to a Magistrate, Justiice of the Peace, or the court, and swear to an "information" which, if legally sufficient, could have the effect of having a 'summons to appear' (in court) being issued to the individual that you name.

Can probation violate you on the first drug screen on the first day you report?

If you test dirty yes they can. Or if you have another outstanding warrant for your arrest.

Can you get charged with a crime if you were not arrested and filled out a police report?

A person can always be always be arrested and charged with a crime if there is sufficient evidence to warrant the arrest.

You were arrested 2007 for possession of meth you didnt go to court and didnt ever report for probation is there a warrant issued?

Unless there was a filing error or some other mistake (highly unlikely), you will have a warrant out for your arrest.

Can an out of state misdemeanor arrest warrant affect my child custody case?

Yes. If you report to court then you have a chance to be detained and extradited back to the state in which you committed the crime. But only if its an active arrest warrent you are hiding from.

What if i live in ct and got a speeding ticket in tn and haven't paid it?

Tennessee will issue a warrant for your arrest and report it to the national center. Then your license will be suspended.

Does New Hampshire report Speeding Tickets to other states?

Yes, all states report speeding tickets to all other states. This is how a warrant can be issued for your arrest if you have an unpaid speeding ticket in one state.

What can be done to someone in Tn that files a false report in SC?

If South Carolina wishes to prosecute the suspect, they can issue a warrant for his or her arrest. At some point, police officers in Tennessee would discover that the suspect has a warrant, and they would make an arrest based on that warrant. Tennessee would then have the option to extradite the suspect from Tennessee to South Carolina, where the suspect would be charged and potentially convicted of the crime.

Do arrest warrants show up on a CIS criminal history report online search?

If the warrant is entered into the "system" it will generate a 'hit' on you anytime your vital information is run.

How long does your probation officer have to report a violation after it has been committed?

Depending on the state - SOME states grant PO's law enforcement arrest powers and others do not. They report the violation(s) to their office which then notifies the court. The court THEN arranges a hearing, or issues a warrant for your re-arrest, whichever is more appropriate.

Does your probation officer have to tell you i have warrant before your next visit?

No. It is your probation officer's responsibilty to have you taken into custody on the warrant when you report. If your officer told you you have a warrant, then you may not report.

What are the acceptable conditions for issuing a warrant for arrest or search?

Jurors who fail to report for jury duty and who are not excused by the Court may be served a show cause order by the U.S. Marshal.

Can a law collection firm who is collecting a judgment for a payday advance loan call and tell you they will be a warrant sent out for your arrest then offer to make payment arrangements?

No they absolutely cannot tell you that you will be arrested. That is a clear violation of the fair debt collection act. You can report them to the FTC and even hire a consumer attorney who will go after them. Its a $1000 fine for each occurrence but you would have to have them recorded saying this. It is very common for most collection agencies nowadays to threaten you with being arrested or issuing a warrant for an arrest. David Schmidt, PLDR

What is booking report?

A booking report is an arrest report. It is a summary of the crimes in which you are charged.

How long does your probation officer have to report a violation after the violation is committed in Pennsylvania?

Depending on the state - SOME states grant PO's law enforcement arrest powers and others so not. They report the violation(s) to their office which then notifies the court. The court THEN arranges a hearing, or issues a warrant for your re-arrest, whichever is more appropriate.

Can the loan company issue a criminal warrant for arrest for non-payment on a auto loan?

Warrants are issued by a judge, and not a loan company. The loan company can repossess an automobile or can sue in court to recover the vehicle or what is owed on it (plus costs). The police do not come and arrest people for not paying off a loan. Lastly, disagreements over payment issues regarding a car loan are civil matters, not criminal ones. Also please be aware that is illegal for an institution collecting debt to threaten arrest, or imprisonment. You can report this to the FTC (if they are under their regulatory authority) and state Attorney General.

How to report someone that has a warrant for their arrest?

Contact the Sheriff's Department (not the police department) for the COUNTY in which the person is residing and alert them to the person's current location, the county which issued the warrant and the person's name or other identifying information. If the warrant is for a felony or serious misdemeanor, the Sheriff's Department will take it more seriously. If you are reporting them for a lessor offense and the person is outside the county in which the warrant was issued, you may not get any response.

Who does a warrant officer report to in the Navy?

A warrant officer is a part of the wardroom..They are typically serving as a division officer aboard a ship. In that instance, they would report to their department head. They will always report to a commissioned officer.

Can a cop take out a warrant on someone for stealing from your family or does the family member have to take the warrant out?

Search warrants or arrest warrants are issued by judges on the request of the police. If you (or your family) have been the victim of a crime, you should report it to the police. It will be their job to investigate and take appropriate measures, which may include arresting someone.

Is it deemed perjury if police lie on a police report to secure an arrest warrant against you for a crime you did not commit and then you are found to be innocent and if so can I sue?

Yes you can get a lawyer and take up legal action. It is called false arrest, and something to do with lieing on the report with there signature and defrauding the system. It happens all the time and people sue for this reason all the time. Not saying they win, just saying they sue.

Free search for arrest warrant in California?

a incident of battery occurred in April, the crime was not reported at that time. the victim of the battery has now changed his mind about reporting the incident and wants to make a police report. How long after such a crime was committed can one file a police report, if it was not reported the day it happened?

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