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Not necesarilly. It could just mean you haven't ovulated yet or that you don't have discharge this month. Wait unti you are late for your period and take a home test.

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Q: If you haven't seen the usual white raw egg mucous during ovulation this month does that mean you are pregnant?
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Are you pregnant if the cervical mucous has blood spots?

You could be, but it's more likely that you're just ovulating. Many women notice blood in with the cervical mucous during ovulation

How many days after ovulation will cervical mucous dry up?

I believe it is 16 days if not you may be pregnant.

When you are pregnant how big is the mucous plug that comes out before your water breaks?

In every pregnant women the mucous plug will varie in its size. Some women may not even pass a mucous plug.

Is white discharge normal for a female sometimes it goes along when you pee or sometimes during your bowel movement?

Probably it is cervical mucous. This is mucous that is discharged two weeks before your period during ovulation. Normal cervical mucous is the consistency of hand lotion or egg white. It is there to help sperm swim up through the cervix and uterus to fertilize an egg.

What day is it better to get pregnant?

Ovulation is typically regarded as the best day to get pregnant but any intercourse five days prior to or up to 16 hours after ovulation can result in pregnancy. 28 days is considered to be the typical menstrual cycle with the 14th day as your most fertile. However, keep in mind that some women do not have the typical 28 day cycle. Basal Body Temperature charting, ovulation test strips, cervical mucous changes, and cervical position can help determine ovulation.

What is Raw egg white mucous tinged with blood on bathroom paper on day 18 of cycle?


Is diarrhea a sign of ovulation?

No, it is not a sign of ovulation. Slippery, egg-white quality cervical mucous (discharge) is a sign, as is Mittleschmertz (a slight cramp in your ovary). Ovulation always occurs 10-14 days before your period comes.

Does your cervical mucus always stay like it does during ovulation once conception has taken place?

Most of the time, as soon as you pass ovulation, it will return to a dry, sticky or lotiony state. That being said, a lot of women DO experience and increase in white lotion-like cervical mucous and later find out that they are pregnant. It can also be a sign of an infection too - so if accompanied by itch or odor, see your doctor at once.

What does cervical mucous have to do with pregnancy information?

Cervical mucous is related to pregnancy information as it works as one of the primary indicators to tell oneself as to whether or not they are pregnant or not.

If you have the egg white cervical mucus for a few days is it a sign that you are ovulating or are about to ovulate?

Egg-white cervical mucous is very common during the time of ovulation. It could though, also occur at other times in the cycle due to other factors.

If you are not pregnant what does it mean if you are spotting and have mucous discharge for 9 days?

There could be something wrong go to the doctors

What is rheum?

Rheum is a thin discharge of the mucous membranes, especially during a cold.

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