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If you haven't talked to a guy in almost 4 months who said he wanted to be with you and you are trying to reach out to him should you talk to him in person or write him a letter?

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2013-02-28 14:21:53

Face to face is usually better even if the person is withdrawn

because you can study facial expressions (see if it's a painful

situation or if they are angry or sad) and also body language. If

some people are uncomfortable they may shift from foot to foot or

cross their arms meaning they aren't saying anything and you can't

make them. Some men can be the silent type and say little and there

could be nothing wrong. Going for a walk somewhere quiet is usually

a good place to start to discuss problems. My husband and I have

done this for over 30 years. We take the dogs and go to the river

and walk and talk about problems and even manage to solve some of

those problems. We basically do this to slow the every day world

around us down. If this man is hard to be on a one to one with then

you have no alternative but to write him a letter. However remember

that your letter is in your handwriting and you just never know

whether this person will show others what you have written and you

take the risk of this letter being passed around to many. Unless he

lives a long distance from you, why hasn't he attempted to ask you

out in the last four months? Tell him face to face that you would

like to date him and ask if he agrees. If he gives excuses or

avoids the question, you know he's full of crap.

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