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your hormones may be changing....How old are you? Has it happend before


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could you get pregnant if you have not gotten your period for 2 months?

Why haven't i gotten my period for two months? can it be do to stress? or something else? i have the mirena... for a year now....

Can you still get pregnant if you havent had a period in 8 months

If you havent had your period in 7 months you probably need to go to the doctor, that is not normal.

Periods come and go, I wouldn't worry to much :)

after having my daugther in may i havent got my period and its been 4 months is that normal i took test and it came out negative?

Spotting occurring about 2 weeks after your period could simply be the spotting that sometimes occurs with ovulation.

would you be pregnet if you havent had your period for 3 months now

theres a chance you can be pregnant so take a test ASAP ! i havent had mine in 3months nd i found out im pregnant

Unless you have been eating more, exercised less or the period is late you can be as long as you've had unprotected sex. The easy way to find out is buying a test at the store.

Because ovulating is a sign that you're about to start your period. I'm 13, I ovulate and I haven't gotten my period. Don't worry, it'll come soon. :D

if you are just started to get your period yes it is normal to be irregular. but if you have been having your period this is not normal at all.

No, its not good.... Somebody put a baby in you!

Could I be pregnant because I received my last depo-shot six months ago and havent had a period?

most likely. go get a pregnancy test. unless your period just skipped a couple months...

Sometimes that could mean that your constipated. If your eating too much rice and carbs you can get constipated. Constipation can feel like cramps sometimes.

Yes you are okay. Most birth control pills have 3 weeks of active pills and 1 week of inactive pills. Be patient and allow the inactive pills to take effect.

If you have not had a period in 2 months then it is better to go to a doctor and find out whether you are pregnant, they will do an extensive pregnancy test, do not wait too long.

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