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It expands; example/ If you take a bearing for a ( motor shaft-not an engine, an electric MOTOR ) to install a new bearing after removing the others simple heat the new one to a moderate temperature with gloved hands slide it onto the shaft. It cools rapidly and is on the shaft as though it was pressed on.

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Is 1 sixth bigger or smaller than 1 eighth?

Bigger - the higher the denominator of a fraction, the smaller the 'piece'

Is 1 5 bigger than 2 8?

1/5 An eighth piece is smaller *REMEMBER: The bigger to bottem number the smaller it is.*

Is a ten cent coin bigger then a one Dollar coin?

a ten cent piece is smaller.

Is sand bigger than gravel?

No. A grain of sand is a lot smaller than a piece of gravel.

How does the stomach works with other systems to keep the body healthy?

its help you by the muscles in there to brack the bigger piece down to smaller Pisces

What is a consumer in a pond ecosystem?

a consumer in a pond ecosystem could be a fish eating a piece of algae, or a bigger fish eating a smaller fish.

How would you wrap a piece of paper around a cylinder whose base diameter is smaller than its top diameter keeping the paper flush against the cylinder?

You would just trim off the paper that sticks out the bottom or top.

If enzymes are bigger or DNA is bigger in molecular size?

Enzymes are smaller than the DNA they process in molecular size. This is because the DNA is a very long string of parts, whereas the enzyme is a single piece.

Why do you get a smaller product when you multiply two fractions?

Because when you take a piece off of a piece, you wind up with an even smaller piece.

When a piece of a circle is determined by two radius that piece is best called a?


If a hole is drilled into a piece of metal and then heat the metal up why doesnt the hole get smaller?

Why would it? Imagine that every atom of the substance gets a little larger. Wouldn't the atoms in the wall of the hole get bigger too? Then the hole would get bigger, not smaller. Thats Wrong (I think). If the metal atoms around the hole get bigger then the hole should get smaller. And the gas atoms in the hole will be pushed out. Plankey1995 JF

Is an A5 piece of paper bigger than an A4 piece?


How do you know that five twelfths is less than one and half?

Well a saying goes for any fraction, The bigger the denominator (# on the bottom of the bar) the smaller the piece.

Which is greater one twelve or one thirteenth?

1/12 is greater because the bigger the fraction, the more pieces the whole has to be divided into, so each piece is smaller.

How does the density of a piece of aluminum compare to a smaller piece?

They're identical.

How big is one inch in diameter?

A US 25 cent piece, a quarter, is close to one inch in diameter; it is just short. Its diameter is just about 15/16 of an inch. The diameter of a circle is the length all the way across the face of the circle going straight through the center. So a quarter gives you a good estimate of a circle with one inch diameter. Just imagine a circle very slightly bigger across.If you take an ordinary lead pencil and trace a circle using a US quarter as your template, you'll probably come even closer to a one inch diameter circle. Test it out with a ruler handy so you can get a better sense of it.

What piece of the turkey is bigger on the chicken?

yes the the turkey is bigger than the chiken

What is 3.12 in diameter to inches?

Diameter is not a unit of length and so the only appropriate answer is, perhaps, "As long as the piece of string!"

How was Indiana formed?

it started when a small piece of land and got bigger bigger and bigger and thats how it got its shape.

When can one third give you a bigger piece than one half?

it will never be bigger

What are the parts of a asteroid?

A smaller asteroid is simply a piece of rock, or ice. It doesn't necessarily have any parts. Larger asteroids - the largest have a diameter of several hundred kilometers - are likely to have layers, similar to planets.

Is three tenths greater than two fifths?

Two fifths is greater than three tenths, because the smaller the denominator (top number), the bigger the piece (bottom number).

What chess piece can promote a piece?

When the pawn gets to the other side of the board, it can get promoted into a bigger piece, such as a quenn or a knight.

What is the largest circle that can be drawn around a sphere such as a globe?

That's called a "great circle" of the sphere. -- It's any circle whose center is at the center of the sphere. -- Its diameter is equal to the diameter of the sphere. -- Its area is equal to 1/4 the surface area of the sphere. -- The shortest distance between any two points on the sphere is along the piece of the great circle on which they lie. (There's only one, unless the two points are the opposite ends of a diameter.)

Why is 1 8th greater than 1 10th but less than 1 3rd?

That makes perfect sense. The bigger the bottom number gets in a fraction, the smaller the value of the fraction gets. Because a bigger number on the bottom means that one whole thing is cut up into more pieces; so naturally each piece is going to be smaller.