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If you hide a car from the finance company can they have you put in jail until you tell them where it is?


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2015-07-15 19:26:46
2015-07-15 19:26:46

In most states YES, sooner in some than others. Why do you think you can drive for free? Do what you wish, but it will COST you more money this way.


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You remain in jail until trial or until you have been released.

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You still have to pay them. That answer is correct...but a slight explanation: Generally speaking, going to jail does not effect your credit or any loans you may have. If you go to jail, the payments are still due, and if you don't pay, the finance company will eventually repossess the vehicle.

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Sell it under the table for a cash deal. Otherwise you can not hide it for long. They will find it. Oh and if you do sell it when it is under re-po then you can go to jail. PAY FOR THE CAR! Even if you sell the car and no longer have possession, if the finance company can't get the car back and the payments are not made, the will come after your paycheck in court. Now you don't have the vehicle but you are still paying for it with garnishment of your pay.

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YES, If the note is not paid on time they can. If you want to know what they can and cant do read your contract (all of it) It spells out what would cause them to repo.

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Yes he will be in jail until 2104.

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