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you snapped the little pin in the trany. big money

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Q: If you hit a car in the parking gear and the car moves what does this mean?
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What does swedish word frikopplad mean in English?

If you run a car and stop at a parking lot, and I say "Frikoppla" it means put in neutral gear, no gear at all.

What controls the release of the parking brake when you put it in gear on a 1990 Cadillac de ville?

Pressing the brake pedal and putting the car in gear will release the parking brake.

If you drive a manual car should you leave it in gear when you park?

Yes, 1st gear and set the parking brake also.

Should a car be left in gear when parking on a hill?

Yes, stop, set parking brake, then release clutch. it is because the parking brake could fail. used as a precaution. there is also a difference in which gear to use for the direction of the hill. you put reverce when the car is facing downhill and viceversa.

Is there will be parking gear in car?

Yes parking gears will be included in cars because seeing to the population increas and parking problems cars will come programed with pakig gears

What are the symptoms of needing to replace motor mounts on a 2002 civic ex manual?

lots of vibration when in gear and can also apply parking brake with hood popped have somone put the car in gear if motor moves forward or backwards(in reverse)it is time to change

How do you manually release a parking brake on a 1998 Cadillac STS?

Start the car and put it in gear.

Why does a car start but when in gear not move?

The parking brake is on or the transmission (automatic) or the clutch (standard) has problems.

Can you put the word Reverse in a sentence?

Put the car into reverse gear first when you try to get out of that parking place.

Car moves while in park why?

I would suspect the park pawl gear is broken.

Can a remote starter be installed in a standard shift car?

yes as long as you leave your transmission out of gear and your parking brake on

When in first gear your car sputters what does it mean?

Time to get a new car!

Can a parked car with an automatic transmission slip out of gear if the car is parked on a steep hill?

It could slip out of park, but most likely would "park lock." This would mean the parking pawl would jam inside other parts in the transmission, making it tough to get your car out of park. Sometimes pushing the car is the only way. Use the parking brake on a hill.

Why does your car knock when in gear and not moving but stops when it moves?

Sounds like a loose motor mount.

Valet parked your car and said they forgot where they parked it at are they at fault?

you mean valet parking dont they take away your car if you valet parking on the blue??? ^_^

Car will start and go in gear but will not move?

Could be, Transmission failure, Parking brake stuck (frozen brake cables),

What happens when driving and putting the gear on parking?

Nothing, apart from the car gets hairy, and ripped and starts analy raping you...

When parking uphill in a car with a manual and transmission you should park with the transmission in?

In gear. Whichever one... doesn't really matter.

What is the best way to park a car in a parking lot?

If you are parking in a Parallel park with two cars on either end of your car, make a reverse entry and park the car as it is easier and accurate, if you are parking parallelly with two cars on your either side, park your car in take-off position i.e. face outwards as it is easier to get out... on an elevated or lift parking also, park in takeoff position...front outwards, when parking on an incline, if the car's front is facing the slope, keep the car in reverse gear and if the front is opposite to the slope, keep the car in first gear; apply the parking brakes in all the cases...wherever you park, leave a reasonable amount of door-opening space so as to not obstruct yourself or others...

What does it mean when your car does not reverse at all?

Its not in reverse gear.

What does the phrase went parking mean?

If you "went parking," you parked your car somewhere and had a kissing session with your significant other.

What does is mean when your car wont shift into the high gear?

time to get a new car!

What does it mean if you dream about parking your car in a pool?

that you have the worst driving skills in the world and your subconcious mind is warning you that parking a car in a pool will lead to drowning and death

If a vehicle is left out of gear and no parking break on and rolls back into a vehicle that is parked in a unmarked no parking zone on private property as both vehicles were unmanned Who is at Fault?

The owner of the car that caused the damage. They have a duty to engage their parking break.

Why want your 1981 Mercedes 380sl move when in gear?

If the car won't move when it's in gear, check the transmission fluid level. Check to see that the parking brakes aren't stuck.

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