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It is the drivers fault. It is commonly called "failure to maintain a proper lookout" And You will not be able to get anything from landowner unless you saw him standing there and throw the object at you.

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Q: If you hit a discarded object in the parking lot exit and it damages your car who is at fault and can you recover from the landowner?
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A suit to recover damages in civil court.

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Get a lawyer. You can recover damages from his estate but it needs to be filed before the estate clears probate.

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What could happen if you got in an accident with no insurance?

You are financially responsible for loss experienced by the damaged party. If you are unable to pay for the damages you may loose driving privileges and/or be taken to court in an attempt to recover damages.

How long do you have to file a claim with an uninsured motorist after an accident?

You have 2 years to take him to small claims court to recover your damages.

How do you get music off an broken MP3 player?

That really depends on the damages of the music player. If it is still recognized when you plug it into your computer, it is likely that you can recover the music. But if it is not recognized, you probably won't be able to recover it on your own.

How can you recover the cost of impound storage fees and parking tickets on a seized sold vehicle?

pretty much you cant

Can the owner of a vehicle force someone to pay for damages caused in an accident while driving their car with the owners permission?

Yes, you can file a lawsuit in the proper court and recover your damages if the person is unwilling to pay voluntarily.

Law of torts laibilities?

The Law of torts liabilities provides for a leeway for the victims of the harm to recover their losses and damages in a legal suit.

What does noneconomic mean in a medical malpractice lawsuit?

Noneconomic damages are for pain and suffering. Tort reform often involves imposing maximum amounts that plaintiffs can recover for these damages, since they are very difficult to put a price tag on.

Your plumber snapped your water main from the city to your house during an unrelated repair Is he liable for damages and repair costs?

If you can prove that the plumber's actions were the proximite cause of the water main break you can sue him to recover for damages and costs.

How does civil law help the victim of a case of drinking driving accident?

The victim would be able to file a civil law suit against the driver (and others) and attempt to recover their damages from the accident, such as medical expenses or damages to their property.

If you hit someone and you have 102010 liability how will they recover?

If your liability insurance is not enough to cover the damages, you will probably be sued by person you hit or his representative for the rest of the damage.

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