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If the person hit your car and they drove away with no damage, and you know them, just tell them what they did but in reailty, yes, it is called hit and run.

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If your parked car is wreck by another car and there is also property damage who pays the property damage?

your car is parked unless you have someway or another had the car in drive while you weren't in it then how can you pay for damages you did not incur and if you weren't parked in a no parking zone or a handicap spot then the person who hit you is responsible for all damages because they weren't paying any attention

Is it bad to leave the car in drive when stopped and turn the car off?

It is best to leave it parked and it is possible for it to roll away, depending on the car.

Why is it illegal to drive with parking lights on?

i was told its because they are for when you are parked only, and if you drive with them on someone could mistake that you're parked and hit you.

What happens if you let a non licensed driver drive your car?

If they are stopped your car could be impounded. If they get into an accident you are responsible for damages of your car and the other person's car. Not worth letting them drive.

What to do in a car for 15 hours?

Drive or if you are parked, sleep.

How do you get best mileage from Nissan Titan?

Leave it parked and don't drive it.

Can you make a sentence with the word fathers'?

The fathers' cars are all parked in the drive.

If a car was stolen and the driver was not found who is responsible for the damages done to your car?

If the drive is not found, your insurance will have to cover the damages. When the guy is found, press charges and sue him for damages.

What is the difference between drive 1 and drive 2 in a car?

Drive 1 locks the automatic transmission into first gear (preventing an upshift). Very good to use when parked or stopped on a very steep slope and you need to move forward and do not want the transmission to shift. Drive 2 locks the automatic transmission into second gear. This is sometimes referred to as a "snow" drive position, as it causes the engine power to be applied to the wheels much more slowly (via converter slippage within the transmission) minimizing actual wheel-spin when accelerating from a stopped position.

What are the ratings and certificates for Damages - 2007 Drive It Through Hardcore 3-9?

Damages - 2007 Drive It Through Hardcore 3-9 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:16

Can a torque converter cause a car to shutt off in drive?

I have a Mazda protege 1996 that is parked because it will not go into drive but the engine starts?

Who used to drive the number 8 car in NASCAR?

Dale Jr., then Mark Martin, and now it is parked.

If you have insurance and let your daughter drive your car and gets into an accident will your insurance cover for the damages?

when you get the insurance you can register your daughter as an autorized driver and the insurance will cover for the damages.

Are you liable for damages to a rental car if no contract was signed?

Yes.. You drive it, you damage it then your responsible for it.

Do you have to have a tag on a vehicle that you don't drive?

If the vehicle is parked on a public street, you need a tag. If it is on private property you don't.

What is the Humer and Irony in the Pride and Prejudice?

there is no humer they had to drive jeeps they werent invented yet...im sorry... but as for the humour, you should try a mirror

If you are parked at a curb in front of a house and a car across the street backs out of his drive way and hits your front left drivers side who is at fault?

If you were legally parked, the person backing up is at fault. If you were in a "No Parking" area, you are at fault.

In Ohio do I have to register a vehicle I do not drive that is parked on private property?

Check with your Town Hall. Your Town may have a ordinance against that.

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