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  • Workman's Compensation Insurance is specifically for work related injuries. State laws control the way WCI is regulated, meaning the requirements that are needed to collect a claim, the amount of the claim and so forth. Not all employer's are required to participate in WCI therefore not all employee's would have access to the program.

  • In the UK an employer is responsible for injuries caused in the workplace if the employer was in some way negligent or breached other UK regulations. For example - if a workman hurt his foot due to a defective work machine - the employer would be liable to pay compensation.
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Q: If you hurt your foot at work just by working can you get workmens comp?
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Is it legal to have a job where U sLeep there. but are not getting paid for it. what happens if you get hurt going to the bathroom during the night are u covered under workmens comp in the state of ny?

Firemen sleep at their work place so yes it is legal. You are covered by workmens comp when you are on the job or on the jobsite.

If you hurt yourself at work and failed a urine drug test for are you able to collect workmens comp?

Your claim may very well be affected.

How long after you are hurt on job do you have to report it?

In general, it should be reported when it happens so that the employers workmens comp insurance can know that you didn't receive the injury at home.

If you got hurt at work and your employer offers you a job that you can do can you refuse the job being offered and still collect workmens comp?

Yes, if your doctor says that you are unable to perform the job being offered. Also, you cannot be fired or stop receiving workers comp for being unable to do the job.

Auto related workmens comp?

Worker's Comp MAY cover an injury from a motor vehicle accident IF the accident is arising from, and in the course and scope of your employment. It will NOT cover an injury sustained while merely commuting to work. However, someone such as a delivery driver that is hurt while delivering, IS covered.

If you get hurt leaving work is that workers comp?

if you are off work and leaving and get hurt is that workers comp

Can owners claim workers comp?

Yes, anyone that is hurt can claim workers comp. It doesnt matter what position you are on the job. If you get hurt at work you can claim workers comp.

You are a plumber that hurt your right hand on the job you are getting workmens comp you also have a 2nd job as a part time janitor but you are still working your 2nd job is this legal?

Yes, this is completely legal. If you are hurt on a job you are entitled to workman's compensation as long as you are in some way hurt, even if you could continue to do the job. So yes, you can still work your second job. However if you are hurt in one job and cannot perform the other, whether you get workman's compensation for the injury or not will not make a difference if you get fired from your other job or not because you cannot do it.

Why do you need workers compensation?

You don't; unless you have people working for you that could get hurt. If you do have people working for you then you need it in case someone gets hurt while they are working. The workers comp will pay for their medical treatment and other costs. It protects the employeer so they can't get sued for everything they own.

Can you get comp benefits if you got hurt while on unemployment?


If you work under the table and you get hurt is your boss liable and what if he does not carry workmans comp ins?

i was working under the table for my boss and i got hurt is my boss liable for paying my medical bills and how long do i have to file a claim

If you are hurt on the job and receiving workers comp do you have to use your FMLA?


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