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If you ignore a guy does he like you if he tries to get your attention or does he just want your attention because you are a girl?


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He could be trying to get her attention because it's something he isn't getting. He could like her, he could just be trying to get a reaction..

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Just ignore youre ex ignore him, you should be glad you dumped that him. just ignore him girl dont pay attention to him, and if he keeps on doin dat same thing go up to him and tell him "whats your problem".

She will become interested in why you ignored her. You will get her attention.

If she tries to get your attention, and she doesn't do this as a habit with a lot of other people, it probably means she finds you attractive.

Well a girl definitely wants you attention if she stares at you alot, makes fun of you, or tries to make conversation with you.

if a girl ignores u and doesn,t ignore any other guy this straight forward means that she likes u and does,nt wanna tell. to get her attention just ignore her for 2-3 days. that's all. and if still u dont get her attention don't be depressed just get crush on new girl

When a guy teases a girl a lot, or tries to make fun of the girl, it means he secretly holds fire of love for the girl, and since he loves reaction from the girl, he lives for the moment when she can bestow it on him.

=you should just be flirty with him and kinda of ignore him for a bit and see what he does and if he doesn't bite then he might not be the rite 1 but if you ignore him for a little bit he will come after you=

It's not polite to ignore someone, tell them politely to leave you alone because you dont like them, dont ignore her because then she will just bother you more to know why you are ignoreing her..

Don't say anything to her. It would only make matters worse and if she knows she is getting to you, she will just be more determined. Pay attention to your boyfriend and ignore her. If you talk to anyone, talk to your boyfriend, but do it calmly and reasonably.

They most likely like the girl because the guy wants attention from the girl

Keep trying to attract her attention. But don't push too hard, it may frustrate her. Try to find things she find interesting and talk to her about those things. Keep trying until she becomes your friend. But if she is too reluctant, then i would be better for you forget her.

Because they are stalkers in training. So says the Tabby.

well,if you know a girl likes you or not,is that if she keeps on looking at you while your paying attention in class and you look at her she tries to pay attention to class then you both look at each other after school she askes you if you want to go out sometime

You know because she is always by you or sometimes tries to be your friend.

Because he scares girls when he tries to sing to them.

she means shes jealous because you r paying attention to another girl

Why? Because they like them, silly. Or, they like attention.

The signs of when a girl finds a boy attractive is when the girl looks at you often, when she laughs at everything at you say, when she tries to get your attention by walking past you or laughing, and when she constantly talk to you but with a nervous tone.

probably unless he is just tryin to get attention because hes huggin a pretty girl;) probably unless he is just tryin to get attention because hes huggin a pretty girl;)

When a girl tries to kiss your bellybutton, it is a way of showing affection.

he doing this because he is probally imature abd he has nothing else better to do than pick on you. Guys are just annoying and confusing, just ignore him.

It can mean that the girl likes you but doesn't want to make a fool of herself, so tries to ignore/stay away from you to avoid that happening.... Just ask her straight out why she is avoiding you Good Luck! x

look at her because if you ignore her she will ignore u and then she will know u like her and maybe then u can ask her out

She likes you. Girls always want attention from the boy they like whether they make it overly obvious or not, if they make it obvious it just means they have a stronger personality and more determination.

im a girl but i dont do that to get attention from guys. but i know girls that do that n they usually do it for guy attention.

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