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You need to have it evaluated to determine how bad it is. Pain alone is not enough of a diagnostic to determine if it needs surgery. Talk to your doctor. Yes, talk to your doctor; however just to give you hope. Les Paul, the father of the Electric Guitar, was in a car wreck and severly injured his right arm. He had two choices. Have it set so it would always be straight or have it set so it would always be bent at the elbow. He chose bent at he elbow so he could continue to play. The last I heard he is way up in his 80's and plays every Monday night at a place in NYC.


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A tear of the supraspinatus is a tear of the rotator cuff of the shoulder. Arthroscopic surgery is the repair to repair for this.

Morbidity is rare in both the arthroscopic and open procedures. Mortality is exceedingly rare in patients undergoing rotator cuff repair.

When the epidermis is slightly injured, the skin makes more cells to repair itself.

Rotator cuff tears that are full thickness can become too old to repair after about four months. This is due to curling and shrinking of the muscle. If the muscle shrinks too much or curls too much it can not be surgically reattached.

average workers compensation settlement amount for rotator cuff repaircould be a lot more or less than $5k. depending on the facts of the fall.

I would go to the Shark online site and input my model. They may have a list of regional repair sites too.

The Colonial of SC pays up to 400 for the repair of one or 600 for the repair of both. Go with aflac they pay up to 625 for the repair of each.

Rotator cuff tears (tendon tears around the shoulder joint) can repair over time, but depends on a number of factors including, site, size of tear, age of patient, cause of tear. In the elderly population rotator cuff tears are very common but do not bother them. With the correct physio/exercises one can incorporate the rest of the rotator cuff to compensate and so may not need surgical intervention.

Recovery from a rotator cuff injury happens in phases. The first phase would be to immobilize the tendon to allow it to start healing on its own. The patient will be in an arm sling for approximately 3 to 4 weeks. A physical therapist is required to assist the patient in moving the arm and restore range of motion. Patients are not allowed to move the arm on their own for the first 4 to 6 weeks, so they will not endanger the repair.After 3 months following rotator cuff surgery, most patients will be able to lift 5 to 10 lbs. over their head and can initiate strengthening exercises on their own. It is imperative to continue moving the arm so that the shoulder does not get stiff. By 6 months after surgery, most patients regain approximately 75 to 80 percent of their strength back. Full recovery from rotator cuff surgery can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months, depending on the patient. A study of rotator cuff surgery recovery published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, issue 1, in 2008 showed continued strength gains 2 years after rotator cuff surgery.

It all depends on how bad the injury was and what they had to repair. Also, depends on how you heal, and how you take care of your shoulder, and do your home and therapy exercises consistently. Im 18 and been having shoulder problems since playing baseball at 16. I had rotator cuff surgery in December of 2011, and 2 1/2 months later I started shooting and playing basketball. Im a pitcher so it will be awhile until I can start light throwing again, but I have no pain shooting basketball. Just go to therapy and you will be okay

Tissue repair refers to the regeneration of damaged tissue using cells of the same type. It could either be a physical or mechanical restoration of the injured tissue.

Milk. Milk has a vitamin called Vitamin D. That helps bones get strong.

asexual reproduction, growth, replacement of older cells, repair of older cells, and the repair of injured tissues.

Working on the SRS can be very hazardous and you can be severely injured. For this reason I suggest you take the car to a professional for repair of the air bags. Not a DIY repair.

In my experience Heart bypass involving splitting of the sternun & rotator cuff repair sugery are two of the worst. Much worse then fractures of limbs or torn leg muscles.

I just had my rotator cuff repaired and was informed that the general cost of the surgery and follow up care would be in the range of 25,000.00 all in. I should qualify this by saying that I did go to one of the top centers in the country located in Los Angeles. I am not sure if this effects the cost, but I was more than willing to pay my share and wanted the best care available.

YES! Replace the head gasket or destroy the engine if you continue to drive it.

Rotator cuff repair generally involves some type of surgery to re-attach the tendon to its anchor spot on the Humerous bone in the shoulder. A complete tear will not heal on its own, so surgery is unavoidable, but these days they can perform arthroscopic surgery which is not as invasive and has a faster healing time that traditional surgery.

this wil also depend on your worksetting. if you are into construction or something of that sort it could be up to 12 weeks. if it a desk job or of that sort, you could possibly return in 4-6 weeks.

the branch of surgery dealing with the repair or replacement of malformed, injured, or lost organs or tissues of the body, chiefly by the transplant of living tissues.

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