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The Same way you installed it on the First one. Microsoft will let you activate the same key a few times before it blocks it as they really don't want you to use the same Key on multiple boxes. They lose money this way. I don't see a problem doing it to 2 home PC's. just don't go giveing your Key to friends. Or go using it to load XP on 30 company machines. That's a bad thing.

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How can you install Windows XP when the CD won't boot?

If you already have a version of windows installed, you could try upgrading from the version you already have installed, but that isn't really installing windows freshly. You'd need to reconfigure your BIOS to boot from the CD. Try checking the manual from your bios or motherboard manufacturer on how to do this, or read the documentation that came with your computer.

To function as a server a computer must be running a?

To function as a server a computer must be running as a WINDOWS based server i.e windows 2000, windows NT, windows 2k3, windows 2k8 editions of server installed on computer the server could be Linux based as well.

Can i Install sims 2 windows version on an apple mac computer?

that would be a NO you could either buy it for mac or install windows on your operating system using boot camp

Does it possible to install windows on external harddisk?

You could put the installation file on the external HDD to install it on another computer but then to install it, it would have to be on a local HDD.

Can you run two Windows programs on your computer at once Like Windows 98 and windows Vista?

those are operating systems, not programs. you could have both installed and have a dual boot set up to run one or the other. or you could install a program such as Virtual PC so that you can run one in virtual memory while the other is loaded.

Does Excel come with Windows XP?

No. Windows XP is an operating system. Microsoft Excel is an application. It must be purchased separately. When you buy a computer you could ask to buy a version of Microsoft Office and have it installed on your computer, but it does not come automatically with your computer.

If you have installed ms paint but it wont work what do you do?

You don't download MS Paint, so you must have gotten another program. Whatever you installed could not have been installed completely, or it could have put a virus on your computer. Another possible reason is the more programs you install or download, the more slow your computer becomes.

Which software can change computers into windows8?

Windows 8 refers to the operating system (OS) on a computer, and if you had, for example, a computer with Windows7 and you wanted it to be 8, you could just purchase a copy of Windows 8, put the installation disk into your computer and follow the instructions to install windows 8.

Can you install the same copy of windows on more than one computer?

Answer You can install the same copy of Windows on more than one computer, but the other installations won't be considered legal. Maybe you could use a router so that the information on one computer is automatically sent to a second computer and that way you aren't breaking any laws.

How can i make a music video for YouTube?

I make youtube videos, and have 1,300+ subscribers. I use windows movie maker, it was already installed onto my computer, i have windows. If you have a mac, macbook, or something like that, imovie will probably be installed on your computer. I'm sure you could find tutorials for both softwares on the internet.

What is ''Virtualbox'' and what does it do?

Virtualbox is a program that you can install and will enable you to install another operating system on your computer. It will share the ram and CPU power of your other OS. For example if you are running Linux and install virtualbox you can then install windows (any version) and run it as if it were a windows computer, You could install and run any windows software. This is one example of using a virtual machine. At this link you can download the program and find the documentation and some screenshots, etc.

How procedure entry point packetgetnetinfoex could not locate in packetdll file can be solved?

You need either to install packet.dll or if it's already installed you have to register it in the windows registry.

Can you install the Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade from Windows XP?

Yes, but it is highly not recommended as if you are running XP your computer will not be powerful enough to run Windows Vista Home basic or ultimate if you do install you could end up doing serious damage to your computer and may struggle to downgrade back to XP as your computer probably won't be able to start up. Note: If you computer has a label on it "Windows Vista Compatiable" your computer is likely still not to be powerful enough. You should run Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor from to find out whether you computer is powerful enough.

Can you mount a windows 7 iso file as a DVD drive and then just install it or do you need to be booting up your computer in order to install windows 7?

You cannot imagine how great it would be if Seven could do that. In order to install you have to burn that image on DVD and boot from that DVD (or start installation Windows if the image which you have supports such mode, not all of them do).

What could be the problem if a computer keeps restarting?

If your computer keeps restarting itself, a problem could be that you have installed improper drivers. Make sure you always update the drivers you have installed in your computer.

How can you boot into Windows XP on a Windows 7 computer?

There's no "magical hidden" XP lurking under Windows 7. You could install both operating systems on the same computer and dual-boot, or alternatively (and much less complicated) just get a hypervisor program like Oracle's VirtualBox or Microsoft's own VirtualPC (both of these are free, though you'll have to have a legitimate copy of XP to install) and install XP on the virtual machine.

Can you upgrade windows 95a to Windows XP home edition?

If you have had your computer since Windows 95 then it probably does not have processor speed and RAM that will give you an acceptable experience if you install Windows XP on it. If you want to try anyway I suggest a complete disk format (after saving to another medium any files that you could conceivably want to access later). the install Windows XP.

How does a person fix a computer that is running slow?

When a computer is running slow, there could be many problems involved. Trying to restore registry backups could solve the problem. In many cases one could install a fresh copy of Windows to get the best result.

Can you use Windows Vista on another computer after you upgraded it to win7?

Legally, yes. Copying the files over directly could prove difficult, however. If you have any sort of install disks, such as factory restores or whatever, you should be able to install them to another similar computer. However, if you don't actually own a boxed version of Windows Vista, I would strongly recommend you try to install to another computer first, just so you know you aren't wasting your money when you go to buy Windows 7.

What is safe mode?

Safe mode is a function on a windows computer that makes the computer temporary unaffected by viruses and other problems, while on safe mode you have the opportunity to remove any thing that could cause a virus or you could install a antivirus program.

How do you delet the Windows xp from your computer?

if you have the windows xp disc that came with your cdomputer then what you do is put it into the CD drive and then restart your comuter but when you restart you computer it should say like ex: mines says f10 to enter menu" so push that and what you do in the menu is look for boot from CD then you can format the whole computer and install a new windows like vista or somthin or you could reinstall your windows, hope i helped : ) ~KillaManilla~

Why won't World Of Warcraft install on my new Windows 7 PC?

There could be "several reasons" why World Of Warcraft will not install on your new windows 7 PC.. There is not enough memory.. Your Computer does not have the right requirements for World Of Warcraft to install. World Of Warcraft is Corrupted the game disc or something else in the files or components.You are not waiting long enough for it to install.There could be an issue right now when Installing World Of Warcraft that Blizzard Entertainment might be working on.

Do you need windows live sync on your computer?

Yes, Windows Live Sync on your computer could be necessary on the computer. Windows Live Sync is designed to helped the user sort and store files.

Once installed can Windows be edited?

Once installed, windows can be edited. It is not recommended, however, as you could seriously damage the system by accidentally changing vital code to run windows, like how to communicate with the hard drive or the disk drive, for example.

How do you install PowerPoint on a Microsoft computer'?

You could buy a cd with microsoft in it or you could download it. But I wouls suggest to buy it from a store and install it.